Try this cheese-loaded parantha in Udaipur, and enjoy a cheesy bite!

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Try this cheese-loaded parantha in Udaipur, and enjoy a cheesy bite!

This cheese-loaded parantha is fried in pure desi ghee and has a masaledaar filling. Start your day with a plate of these cheesy paranthas, and enjoy a hearty breakfast in Udaipur!

Paranthas are one of the most versatile Indian food we have. They go well with every dip. A plate of aloo ka parantha can make us throw our blankets in the morning, and no matter how hot the bite is, we never regret eating it that way. That's how the paranthas are, and eating them with curd is such a happy thing to do. But, you know what's even better? A hot bite of cheese-loaded parantha with two dips and spicy chutney! Right? UMMM.. right!



Running successfully for the last 25 years, Sai Baba Parantha center in Udaipur is a go-to parantha spot for paratha fans in the city. They have different varieties of paranthas, thaalis, dal baati, and other such lunch items. Going ahead with the trend and making their menu even more elaborate, Sai baba parantha center is now selling cheese-loaded parathas, and it's all about heaps of cheese, a delicious filling, and their special desi chutney. The paranthas are shallow fried in pure ghee and are served with chane ki daal, Dahi, ketchup, and a cube of Amul butter.



This cheese parantha has two filling options. Either bite on their cheese aloo parantha, or get your hands on the paneer cheese parantha, and enjoy a satiating meal. 2 paranthas are enough for two people, and the taste and the positive reviews by local people make it one of the best parantha places in Udaipur.

Where: Sai Baba Parantha center, Gulab Bagh Road, near Maan Hotel, Udaipur

7 am to 7 pm

Rs.190 for aloo cheese paratha

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