What to eat in Varanasi? Check this list and explore the foodie side of the city!

When in Varanasi you can’t miss its iconic food. There’s lip-smacking chaat, heartwarming meals, and creamy and dreamy beverages. Keep scrolling to know what to eat in Varanasi!

Begin your day with piping hot kachoris, take it forward with baati choka, and enjoy a satiating sip of Malaiyo. Varanasi’s food culture is as rich as its history and tradition. The ghats and the narrow lanes of this beautiful city are laden with street food joints and hotels offering amazing food. Varanasi is a hub of delicious and iconic street food and milk products, and that’s why, if you ever plan on visiting the city, here’s what you eat in Varanasi!

1. Baati Chokha


A plate of baati chokha is definitely going to leave you with a big, wide smile. Made with wheat flour, Baati is stuffed with flavourful sattu, while Chokha is a mix of mashed brinjal and potatoes in various spices. This classic combo is inspired by Bihar’s Litti Chokha, and is equally delicious. The baatis are brushed with pure ghee and taste extra special when eaten warm and fresh.

Where: Baati Chokha Restaurant in Teliyabag.

2. Laung lata


Your trip to Varanasi is incomplete if you don’t eat Laung lata. Found almost in every sweet shop, chai tapri, Lassi centre, and breakfast place, Laung lata is a flaky sweet that has a delicious filling of khoya. After you dip them in chaashni they turn into a sugary delight for all sweet lovers. This one tastes like heaven when served warm.

Where: Shree Krishna Mishthan Bhandaar at Indrani Gas Godam Road, Rajbandhu at Kachauri Gali Chowk.

3. Choora Matar


Choora matar is the Varanasi version of Poha and is cooked with green peas, poha, and onions. It’s easy to make and quite healthy. The abundant use of green peas makes it a must-try if you are in Varanasi. Have it with chai and make it extra special by squeezing a lime.

Where: Kashi Chaat Bhandar at Godowlia, Deena Chaat Bhandar at Ramapura Luxa Road.

4. Malaiyo

What to eat in Varanasi

A truly Insta-worthy and deliciously sweet, Malaiyo is Varanasi’s must-try meetha! It has a soft, foam-like texture, and is usually served in Kulhads. It’s a winter delicacy and the sweet specialty of Varanasi. The light and airy foam will immediately melt in your mouth and will leave you in awe.

Where: Markandey near Gopal Mandir, Godowlia Chowk’s sweet shops.

5. Banarasi Paan


Banaras aaye aur paan nahi khaaye? How is that even possible? Paan in Banaras is a symbol of happiness, hospitality, and people serve it as a gesture of greeting. It is not only popular for its taste but also its texture and delectable appearance. You will find many Paan varieties too. From Banarasi Saada paan to panchmeva, zarda, meetha, Gulab, Kesar, and more, paan in Varanasi is a must-try after a scrumptious meal.

Where: Keshav Tambul Bhandar Anandbagh, Keshav Paan Bhandar at Mahmoorganj, and Tambulam Pan Shop at Chaukaghat.

6. Tamatar Chaat

What to eat in Varanasi

Explore the fiery flavours of Varanasi’s epic street food, with its unique Tamatar ki Chaat made, which is made with tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, sand pices and topped with chatpata namakpara. If you are a chaat person, you will get it in Kulhad, and you are definitely going to fall in love with it.

Where: Kashi Chaat Bhandaar at Badadev, Kachaudi Gali, and Lahori Tola.

7. Chola Samosa


Our list can’t end without talking about samosa! Chole Samosa is one of the delicious food duos and we all love this chaat item. The street food vendors at the food lanes of Varanasi are also a pro at making delicious chole samosa chaat which is something you shouldn’t miss. Crunchy and potato-packed samosas with the spicy and tangy chole sabzi topped with onion and chutney are literally worth dying for, and once you taste it, there’s no going back.

Where: Kashi Chat Bhandar at Godowlia, Vishwanath Mishthan Bhandar at Luxa Road.

8. Kachori Sabzi

What to eat in Varanasi

There’s nothing starting your day with a piping hot plate of Kachori and sabzi in Varanasi. The kachoris come loaded with a stuffing of dal ki pithi ( masala made of lentils) or spicy potato masala and served with a lip-smacking bowl of aloo ki sabzi. The kachoris are crispy, has a distinct flavour, and taste just all savoury!

Where:  Chachi ki Dukaan in Lanka, Ram Bhandar, Thatheri Bazaar and Kachori Gali.

9.  Channa Dahi Bada

A must-try for all those who love curd chaat, Chenna Dahi Bada is another street food we love. The deep-fried vadas are made with Chenna and are soaked in meethi dahi and topped with spices and black salt. This is a pure delight to dig into if you swear by chaat.

Where: Deena Chat Bhandar, Dashashwamedha ghat, Vishwanath Mishthan Bhandar at Luxa Road.

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