Meet Parichay Panwar, a 19-year-old beatboxer from Jaipur who is all set to release his debut Demon Slayer Inspired album!

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Parichay Panwar has represented Jaipur in several National-level competitions including the BBXINDIA and BBXINDIA Zonal crusades battle. Now he is all set to release his first beatbox-centric album inspired by the Japanese anime Demon Slayer!

Parichay Panwar is a Rajasthan-based hip-hop artist who is a professional beatboxer, rapper, and producer for the Rajasthan-based crew Kalm Nation. He is a gifted beatboxer who was among the top 16 in BBXINDIA Zonal Crusades and participated in other national and state-level competitions. Parichay has been beatboxing since 2017; and plans to venture out into different streams of his artform and explore other genres. He aims to be the Indian Beatbox Champion, represent India on an international stage, and make music for a living.

The beginning of an adventure...

Parichay Panwar started beatboxing when his friend Aditya introduced him to the same by doing basic beatboxing on the call. The fun beats caught Parichay's attention and he started searching for beatboxing videos on YouTube. He spent that entire week watching and trying to learn it. "I thought it was impossible for someone like me to even think about doing it. I kept wondering how people were doing it around the world? So, I let the fascination lead me, and once I discovered the potential of beatbox as an art form; I just kept trying to do it", says Parichay.

His debut album is called 'Breathing Form', which has a lot of hip-hop and EDM elements in it. "I am planning to have about 10 tracks in the album with a very talented roster from my crew Kalm Nation, and other artists", he adds.

Parichay also handles the Rajasthan Beatbox Community, which consists of people who love beatboxing and everything related. He believes in the power of music and that even a handful of people can shape the future. "The Community is not as flourished and big as a lot of other state communities in India, but as beatboxing is getting more and more exposure in the state, there is a lot of talent coming up," he mentions.


Talking about the current position of beatboxing in our society of the Indian Music Industry, Parichay feels it is still a very niche artform in India. "But it is steadily getting the recognition it deserves pan-India," he adds. He believes movies like Gully Boy and songs like Asli Hip Hop have put beatbox on the map. We have a long way to go, but things have definitely started to change.

Set to slay a Demon Slayer way

The name of his album is inspired by a Japanese anime called Demon Slayer. It revolves around the concept that the level of power a person holds; and is gauged by how good their "breathing technique" is. They call these techniques "breathing forms" which was a perfect name for an album based around beatbox because breathing plays a very crucial role in it.

With his debut song Kalpana, it's safe to say that this 19-year-old has a long way to go. Parichay plans to become the Indian champ in the near future. He is training very hard for it and so is every beatboxer all over India. "I wish to represent our country on this stage one day, that is the dream", he mentioned.

Check out his debut song below:

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