Meet Niyati Patel from Mumbai, a 19-year-old illustrator behind 'The Samosa Club' and its adorable content!

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Meet Niyati Patel from Mumbai, a 19-year-old illustrator behind 'The Samosa Club' and its adorable content!

A cute little samosa on Instagram is not only making people hungry but also making them laugh out loud with its adorable gestures. The Samosa Club is an Instagram page that's surely here to bring a smile and laugh to your face. The illustrator behind that page is a 19-year-old Niyati Patel from Mumbai, who currently is pursuing BMM and she tells us how she fried this samosa during the lockdown!!

The pandemic hit us all like an invisible punch and the whole world came to a halt, people were confined in their homes for months. Many people started various hobbies and decided to learn some new skills to get past the time. Niyati Patel from Mumbai also started her page during those times and her wholesome art made everyone's heart smile which is why her page got so popular. She creates simple, cute, and wholesome content centred around a character who is a Samosa! We got a chance to talk to Niyati Patel about her journey, her art, and much more.


Niyati is currently pursuing her Bachelor's in Mass Media and is drawing cute Samosas on her iPad! For her managing both is fun and the journey has been simple. "I would tell that I was never very good at drawing. It only started when my elder sibling’s iPad was handed to me and all I had during the early phase of the lockdown was an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and a bit of extra time ", she said.

But why Samosas?

Talking about the inspiration behind her adorable art Niyati said; "If you remember there was a situational environment during 2020 which was mostly filled with fears of the virus, the uncertainty of lockdown, and people being cut off from their normal life. I have seen my elders stressed during that time. Media and social media were adding anxiety to the whole situation", she told Local Samosa.

So, Niyati decided to keep herself in her world by learning some drawing, watching drawing tutorials, and testing them. She felt good doing it on her own and decided to share it on her social account (Instagram). "This is how I thought of my character Samosa-who was simple, cute, wholesome, and YES a triangle. I think there is nothing so specific on why I chose Samosa. It is simple to draw every time I feel like sharing something" Niyati mentioned.

Becoming a much-loved bite on Instagram

Talking about the challenges she faced Niyati said, "I don’t remember if any major challenge was faced by me while starting this Samosa club account. But much later and down the line when Samosa got followed by more and more people, there were some people who tried to repost my art without my consent. So it was something which I really didn’t like at that time".

There was not a pinpoint inspiration situation in her case according to her. She had seen many simple but cute art accounts on Instagram. So she made an Instagram page that her friends loved and then she kept illustrating. "My journey from 1000 to 100K made my parents go from wondering 'What is this?' to 'Wow our daughter is into something productive' and I’m very happy to see that", she said.

Managing an art page along with studies at 19!

Telling us about her biggest achievement Niyati said "I don’t know if it can be said as the biggest achievement. But I had never thought that I would've 100k people liking my content and following my art account. And let me tell you a secret, my friends flex about it way more than I do!".

As a 19-year-old starting something full-time can be quite challenging along with studies which is why we were curious to talk to her about that. Niyati told us that she never felt that it takes an entire day. It is just a bit of some time here and there. "For me, it only takes some more than ideally what we spend scrolling social media and watching web series. Another important factor is my teachers who are very much supportive of anything which is practical in real life", she mentioned.


Check out wholesome artwork by Niyati Patel on her Instagram page as they are sure to bring a smile to your face!

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