Delhiites! Order an appetizing meal from Currynama if you are craving Indian food!

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Delhiites! Order an appetizing meal from Currynama if you are craving Indian food!

Indulge in melt-in-mouth kebabs & tikkas, relishing curries and delectable sweets, and let Currynama make your meal heavenly.

If happiness for you is a bowl of piping hot curry, smokey tikkas, and juicy kebabs, then Delhiites, you have to check what Currynama has in their kitchen for you all. This cloud kitchen serves some amazing desi food and so if you are up for a flavourful Indian meal with some fusion, then order from Currynama because they didn't disappoint us.

Say Tikka or Kebab!

We will suggest you start your meal with Galauti Rajma slider, which is a mix of Mughlai and continental. The Rajma Galauti, with its soft melting texture and flavor, is a great substitute for the most famous galauti kabab for vegetarians. Chicken lovers unite and order a plate of Dhungar Murg Tikkas because it's absolutely drool-worthy. This one is all about soft and juicy chicken tikkas with a perfect blend of spices and aroma. The dhungar added the flavor of burnt charcoal and spices, making it even better, while the cream on the top added to the richness of the tikkas.

Add some more fusion to your table with their Kakori kabab Taco. This Mughlai and Mexican fusion by Currynama is definitely a superhit. The kababs featured an authentic and right combination of spices and condiments. The taco covering had the optimum crispness, and we simply loved devouring them.


The Curries of Currynama

Start off with the classic Rawalpindi Gosht if you love mutton. The well-balanced spicy preparation makes it a must-try, and the meat was done just right. The mutton was optimally cooked, and it was packed with flavors. The Butter Chicken was another favorite, and the buttery gravy did take our hearts away. The best part? It was balanced and, unlike your regular butter chicken, wasn't much sweet.

Their Dal Seven Seas is also a must-try if you are ordering from Currynama and especially if you are someone who adores Dal. The consistency was thick, and the flavors were pure bliss. The taste stands out even in the presence of butter chicken and mutton curry and so you have to try it. Quite filling and super tasty!


Meethe me kya?

Everything yummy TBH!! The desserts are on point, and we loved it. The Gulab kheer was our favorite as it was a perfect blend of rose and the goodness of nuts. The softness of rose petals made it even more exotic. The Gur Rasgulla, on the other hand, was pure delight. The extremely soft texture of rasgulla and the use of Gur instead of sugar gives a very caramelized flavor to the dish and were finger-licking good.

Our food note

The menu of Currynama is different and innovative. The portion size is good. The packaging is nice and eco-friendly. The dry dishes like Rajmah slider, dhngar tikka, and Kakori kebab taco was served in terracotta plates, the gravies, kheer, and chutneys were in glass bottles. The bread too deserves a special mention as the taste, and the quality was amazing. The misi roti, stuffed kulcha, and laccha paranthas are a must-try.

Price: Rs.400 for one.

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