YEN in Mumbai, Fort is all about fun clubbing with your friends!

YEN Mumbai

This bar oozes nothing but energy, offers a wide range of bites and sips, and is our new favourite club in South Bombay because we loved every bit of it.

Every group of friends has a few who wants to get high and dance like nobody’s watching, while some want to keep it less wild and enjoy good food and music. And to find such a place that can do justice to both these types of friends in your gang is definitely a task. But for Mumbaikars, it isn’t, as YEN in Fort is here with its vibe and ambience that will make every member of your gang happy with its happening music, lip-smacking food, and the lit atmosphere.

A high-energy space!

Located in the heart of South Bombay, YEN will welcome you with its spacious ambience, a gold-lit backdrop, chandeliers, and an LED sign that reads ‘You were just one of my phases‘. The hues of blues, purples, and reds add perfectly to its eclectic decor and it sets the mood just right. Most of the portion is dedicated to the dance floor and it is pretty spacious. On the sides, tables and chairs have been placed for the diners that are chic and comfy. In front, the DJ stands tall with their set up and plays songs that are just bombs. There are even two small screens where you can watch the songs the DJ is playing.

Food and drinks to make your mood

YEN offers delectable Asian and Continental food along with a mix of urban cocktails for you to stir a great time. From the food menu, we’ll suggest you try Paneer Chilli, Chicken Sliders, and Chicken Charcoal Wrap. From the drinks, feel free to get high on the Return of the Apes, a Vodka and pineapple-based drink, the Suns out, Guns out, their take on Tequila, basil, orange liqueur, and cranberry-based delight, and anything from their Gin menu.

Dance it off

The DJs here know their job pretty well and play song mixes that are just perfect for you to dance your heart out. It gets even better between 11 pm to 8 pm as that’s the time when Happy Hour begins every day and is another reason for all the party-goers to be here. If you happen to be a Bollywood music freak, then YEN is definitely a place to be! Their Bollywood playlist is awesome and features almost every genre with DJ’s fun twist. This Bollywood Tadka packed session happens every day between 12 am to 1.30 pm and is surely one of the highlights of this club. There’s another slot dedicated to Hollywood music, too. So if you are into western music, check this place between 1.30 pm to 8 pm.

So, party lovers, what are you even waiting for? It’s time to say hello to the fun times and get #ZennedoutatYEN.

Where: YEN In Mumbai, Alli Chambers, Nagindas Master Road, Fort, Mumbai
When: 1:30pm – 1:00am
Contact: +919920039651 / +919920039657

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