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Money can't buy happiness, but it can definitely buy Pizza, and that's kind of the same thing right? Well, if you are craving a warm pizza now, here's a new pizza place for you in town. The name is Slyce Pizza and their pizzas are something you knead to know more about!

If Pizza is your BAE and you are not looking for love but new pizza places, then here's a new name you should add to your pizza list! Slyce Pizza is a new virtual restaurant that offers some heartwarming veg and non-veg Pizzas that come loaded with toppings and will bake your day deliciously! Here's what we suggest!

A meaty slice

If you are someone who takes their toppings seriously and prefers generous quantities, the Pizzas at Slyce will bring a big smile to your face. We tried the Mad Dog from their non-veg menu and loved how filling and chickeny it turned out to be. Topped with shredded peri-peri chicken, chicken sausages, onion, and bite-sized fried chicken pieces, this Pizza did satiate our chicken cravings, and can say is a must-try from Slyce.

Another option that you can go ahead with is their limited edition Maverick which looks totally Instagramming with its gorgeous packaging and an even better presentation. This Pizza is not just topped with pulled chicken, pesto, olives, and truffle shavings, but also with a gold warq making it look very elite! The flavours are good, and if you want a good chicken oven wood-fired pizza, you can give this one a bite.

From the veg section

The vegetarians and especially the mushroom lovers can go ahead with Truffle Tart, a delectable white pizza with a shaved truffle and a cheesy Reggiano topping. This one is perfect for those who like minimal flavours and like to eat their slices with dips. A good mushroom pizza overall. Another recommendation from the Jain pizzas would be Avocado Green out. This pizza was a delight to dig into and was generously topped with Hash Avocados, tomatoes, jalapenos, parmesan & gomae sauce. A creamy and satiating bite we'd call it, but we would recommend it only to those who have a taste for Green toppings on a Pizza! We moved forward with the classic Garlic and Parmesan Garlic bread and liked how it was done. The crust was soft and perfectly baked, but the cheese was somewhat missing on its end. And so we wish it was cheesier and a little more garlicky!

What else?

Other than the above recommendations, you can also get your hands on their Chicken Wings, Chorizo, Dominic, and Pepperoni Pizza. For desserts, the Caramel Cheese Cake would be a good option and will take care of your sugar cravings! Now if you are drooling for good pizzas, Slyce is here, and you can find them on food aggregators.

Where: BKC

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