Try these Hummus recipes because ‘Hummus is Yummus’!

Hummus recipes

If for you Hummus is where your heart is, here’s a list of some delicious Hummus recipes you should definitely give a try as they are easy, quick, and delicious to eat.

Hummus is not just a creamy and tasty spread but also quite a healthy dish. It is a great source of fiber and protein, which may help with weight loss. It is also suggested that people who consume chickpeas or hummus regularly are less likely to be obese. Plus, it can be eaten in several ways, making it a favourite of many. If you would also like Hummus to get into your Tummus, give these Hummus recipes a try!!

1. Hummus Pizza

Bringing Pizza and Hummus together, this pizza recipe uses hummus instead of the usual pizza sauce. Top it with your favourite veggies, cheese, and even boiled chickpeas, and enjoy a pizzalicious bite.

2. No fry falafel and Hummus

We love deep-fried and golden brown falafel, and eating them with Hummus can take your tastebuds to heaven!! But if you are on a diet or avoiding fried items, here’s this healthy and baked version of Falafel and Hummus for you. Try this and thank the chef later.

3. Veg Hummus sandwich

Give your regular sandwich a twist and make this veg Hummus sandwich. Feel free to add as many veggies as you want because Hummus goes really well with them, and try using a multi-grain or seed bread to make it even yummier.

4. Chocolate Hummus

Yes, you read it right! A healthier version of your chocolate dip is here, and it’s Chocolate Hummus. Made with simple ingredients like honey and cocoa powder, this recipe is definitely a must-try for chocoholics out there.

5. Beetroot Hummus

Add some colour to your salad menu and try this fun recipe of beetroot hummus that looks just soo beautiful. Add lemon, garlic, and olive oil to increase the flavour of the beetroot hummus, making it a nice dip option.

6. Peri-Peri Hummus

If you think Hummus is plain and has a well-balanced taste, then here’s a recipe to change your mind. This peri-peri version of your regular Hummus has a spicy kick to it and is perfect for those who like it all spicy. Try this one and start chillin!

7. Hummus crusted Chicken

Here is something for the main course because Hummus is versatile and goes from an appetizer to the main dish as a tangy coating on chicken breasts. Once you bake your chicken coated in Hummus, it will make it even crunchier and crispier. Try this out and enjoy the flavour of hummus with chicken!

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