Switch to these healthy brands and say hello to a fit lifestyle!

Healthy food need not be boring and bland and these healthy brands are making sure that you indulge in healthy alternatives without feeling guilty. So keep reading to buy some delicious goodness next time you are working on your diet plan.

If you are planning to go all fit and make necessary changes in your diet, then here’s something very useful for you. We’ve curated a list of brands that are offering a range of healthy food products, and so now, you can eat without regrets. Be it sweets, snacks, or proper meals, these healthy brands are here for your rescue by making them nutritious and energy-loaded.

1. Smoothies from Upnourish

There’s no better way than to start your day with a glass of smoothie. It’s an ideal choice before you go for your workout and will give you the needed boost throughout. Upnourish Meal Replacement Smoothies are on-the-go drinkable meals that will keep your nutrition level up as they come loaded with protein, carbs, and essential vitamins. You can replace your breakfast with these yumm smoothies and stay energetic.

2. Healthy snacks from To Be Honest

healthy food brands

For your snack time when you crave munchies, crisps, fried items, and basically everything unhealthy in the name of snacking, here’s a delicious replacement for you. Get your hands on some healthy chips and crisps from To Be Honest, as they are all baked and have 50% less oil than regular chips. Now you can munch and still stay fit.

3. Organic juices from  Raw Pressery

healthy food brands

Quench your thirst in a delicious way and try the amazing collection of cold-pressed juices from Raw Pressery. There are various flavors available as well as other fun options like almond milk, coconut water, and protein milkshakes. Sip something healthy post your workout session and feel good!

4. Healthy ready-to-eat meals from Kalchi


Kalchi calls itself a DIY food brand that offers a range of authentic curry spreads and Indian dips all across India. It was founded in 2017 by  Sudeep and Payal who were struggling to prepare delicious and nutritious quick meals for their children. The duo ended up starting the brand after a while that claims to offer garden fresh and nutritionally well-balanced ready-to-cook meals. Order some ready-to-eat and cook Indian dips, curry spreads, and Asian gravies from them as they have plenty of options that look absolutely delicious.

5. Guilt-free sweets from Open Secret

healthy food brands

If after every meal you end up saying ‘Meetha Hojaye’, then here are some healthy brownies, cookies & chocolates for you. Open Secret offers a range of snack items and some delectable sweets that are preservatives free and has no Maida. Order some meetha online and enjoy them without feeling bad!

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