Try these Summer Drinks from Jaipur to beat off the heat!

Rajasthan is famous for its deserts and that means ruthless heat which is why we have collated this list of Summer Drinks in Jaipur to cope with the arid heatwaves! 

Jaipur Summer is no joke, stepping out in the afternoon can be easily compared to accidentally stumbling into Devil’s hot home! There are many ways to survive Rajasthan’s heat, and one of them is refreshing drinks. Every state and city in India has its own traditional seasonal drink. Jaipur is a big city, and people all over the world visit this culturally rich city, even in the summers. We have compiled a list of summer drinks in Jaipur to help you, so scroll down!

1. Lassi


Lassi is one of the most popular summer drinks, and it is absolutely delicious, especially when served in a Kulhad. It is a yogurt-based drink that can be sweet as well as salty depending on your taste, but most people prefer sweet. The consistency is thick, and some shops add toppings like dry fruits, fruits, Roohafza, and many more such things to add texture. If you find yourself walking in the Pink City in summer, and the heat is getting to you, then go and get yourself a glass of chilled and creamy delicious Lassi. 
Must try: Lassiwala, Special Lassi Wala and Sardar Ji Lassi Sharbat

2. Chhach


Chhach is also a yogurt or curd-based drink that is loved by everyone in Rajasthan. You can also say it is the salty counterpart of Lassi but I’m afraid that could potentially start a war. This beverage is a must in every Rajasthani household in summer. Homemade Chhach is the best thing ever but if you do not have access to homemade then you can try chhach in a good restaurant or buy a pouch from the market. Chhach is basically buttermilk with salt, black pepper, and other spices, some people like it plain too. It has many health benefits and it is extremely refreshing and delicious!
Must try: Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar and Amritsari Chowk

3. Soda Shikanji


Soda Shikanji, masala lemonade, Nimbu soda, Banta or Goti soda, and probably a dozen more names, this beverage is famous all over India. It is a spiced, sparkling lemonade that is exceptionally delicious and refreshing during summer. It is a famous street-style beverage and one of the best summer drinks in Jaipur, and it reenergizes the body after a long day in the Rajasthan heat. The recipe is quite simple too, and can be easily replicated at home with just a few ingredients. Not only is it delicious, but it is also beneficial as it prevents dehydration, so get yourself a glass of Soda Shikanji to cool off!
Must try: Stalls near Jal Mahal and juice shops near Hawa Mahal

4. Cold Coffee


Cold Coffee is a global summer drink, but Jaipur does it a bit differently because they like their coffee death-by-sugar level sweet, Milkshake consistency thick, chilled coffee topped off with chocolate or vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chips and syrup on top. It is extremely indulging and delicious, which is why, it is a must-try. If you ever find yourself in Jaipur, then remember two things- 1. Try this delicious cold coffee, and 2. Never compare Statue Circle’s cold coffee and GVD’s cold coffee.
Must try: Coffee Corner (Saras Dairy 182), GVD Soni’s Cafe, and Crazy Coffee

5. Sugarcane juice


Nothing can beat a chilled sugarcane juice glass on a hot Jaipur afternoon when it comes to refreshing the mind. Sugar cane juice is loved all over India, and it is very common to find street vendors selling this delicious beverage. It is not only delicious, but it has health benefits too(excluding people with diseases like diabetes). There are many variants of this simple beverage, where sometimes mint is added and even masala too, and they all taste great. If Rajasthan doesn’t seem so royal after a long hot day, then do try this drink to cool yourself down!
Must try: Street vendors in Raja Park and Amrapali Marg

6. Keri Ka Jaljeera or Aam Panna


Keri Sharbat, Keri ka Jaljeera, or Aam Panna is a simple but powerful beverage that has many names all over India. It is a must-have drink during summer due to its power to cool you down instantly, and it tastes amazing too! Made from Raw Mango pulp, and people use sugar or jaggery to sweeten it, there are many variants where sometimes cumin seeds, black salt, or even chili powder are added. It tastes sweet, salty, and sour at the same time, absolutely delicious, and a must-try even if you are not in Jaipur!
Must try: LMB Sweets, USP Jaipur

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