Make these fun Idli snacks at home to give your regular Idlis a twist!

It’s world Idli Day today, and so what would be a better way to celebrate it than to make some delicious and unique Idli snacks? Keep reading as we’ve got a lot of recipes for you today!

Every year, since 2015, World Idli Day is celebrated on March 30, after a Chennai-based Idli caterer decided to dedicate a day to these rice cakes. And, why not? There is something so heartwarming about a plate of fluffy, warm Idlis and a bowl of piping hot Sambar. So, to cherish this healthy dish, we are here with 9 recipes of idli snacks that will take your love for Idlis to another level.

1. Fried Masala Idli with leftover idlis

Love everything spicy and masaledaar? Well, then make these fried masala idlis that are totally mouthwatering. Easy to make, this recipe doesn’t require any special ingredients and is perfect when you have unexpected guests at your place.

2. Idli Pakoda

Time to give your regular pakoda a twist and make this oh-so-crunchy idli pakodas. Feel free to add leafy veggies such as fenugreek leaves, aka Methi bhaji, or Dill leaves, aka Sova Bhaaji, and enjoy it with ketchup.

3. Idli Chaat

If you love idlis and chaat, then this recipe is something you should definitely try. Pan-fry the idlis and then serve them with coriander chutney, sweet chutney like tamarind, and top it with onions and sev. This quick recipe is one of our favourites and so do check it out.

4. Stuffed Masala Idli

A close cousin of masala dosa, stuffed idli is not only delicious but also looks very tempting. All you have to do is stuff the aloo sabzi inside the idli before it is steamed. Feel free to add a little sambar or any other chutney to your liking and steam it until it’s cooked. Now take a bite and thank the chef later.

5. Kanchipuram Idli 

This one is a must-try as the idlis are steamed in mandharai or banana leaves which gives it a very unique flavour. The proportion of urad dal in Kancheepuram idli is more so the idlis have a dense texture making them wholesome. Made with pepper, jeera, ginger, and other masalas, this idli is perfect when you are bored of the regular idlis.

6. Sweet Idli

Our food listicles will always have something for those who love meetha! And, so here’s a quick recipe of sweet idli made with semolina. Feel free to use other sweeteners like date sugar, or jaggery to make it even healthier.

7. Idli Manchurian

For those who love desi Chinese, here’s a fun and tempting recipe of Idli Manchurian. Deep fry the idlis in a nice batter until it’s crispy and then cook it in the spicy Manchurian gravy/sauce. Do try this because it’s simple, fusion, and delicious.

8. Cheese Idli

If you are Gang Cheese, here’s what you should make for your tea-time snack. A plate of masala idlis with a layer of melted cheese and some ketchup if you want. You can even add oregano, bell peppers, corn, Margherita sauce, and other pizza fillings to make it pizza idli. Feel free to experiment, and if not, then at least make this cheesilious idli.

9. Idli Tikka

For the vegetarians out there, here’s a tikka recipe you’d want to make over and over again. Marinated with thick curd along with spices, capsicum, onions, bite-sized idli pieces are then grilled or shallowly fried. You can even give it a smokey flavor by burning a piece of charcoal, adding 2 or 3 drops of oil or ghee on it, and once it starts releasing the smoke, cover your idlis with a lid.

We hope now you know what you are making for your chai-time today! Let us know which of these idli snacks will you be making in the comment section below.

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