A small tale of Mahidharpura Diamond street market of Surat that sells diamonds at wholesale prices!

Mahidharpura Diamond street market is one of the popular places in Surat to purchase diamonds in bulk. How did it start, what all to expect from the market? Well, we answer all of that!

Going through crowded lanes of Mahidharpura Diamond street market will surely blow your mind out of surprise, amazement, and pride, on your trip to the diamond city of India – Surat! Why do we say so? Because this would probably be the first time that you will see a legal roadside market selling original diamonds and dealing in crores!


As you enter the street, you will find shops on both sides of the lane like any other street market. The only difference here is that people would be dealing with diamonds instead of food or clothes! As surprising as it could be, there is no doubt that Surat has been the largest diamond manufacturer in the world. Apart from manufacturing, the city is also popular for the import and export of processed diamonds. Not only this, but the majority of the diamonds that are seen at the renowned stores in various cities are cut and polished at the Surat diamond industry.

No traces to the precious origin


It is believed that centuries ago, diamonds were mined in India, alongside the rivers Penna, Godavari, and Krishna, where alluvial stone deposits could be found. However, back in 1901, when a local businessman from Surat brought a boat full of diamond cutters from East Africa, the city saw the commencement of diamond polishing.

Since the 1960s, it is believed that Surat started importing diamonds from all over the globe regularly. The period after the 1980s, however, saw a boom due to the city’s proximity to Mumbai, which helped in the import of the unfinished diamonds and the export of the polished diamonds. After the Liberalisation Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG) policy got introduced in the country, it gave a major boost to the emerging Diamond industry of Surat.


Now, as a result, Surat houses many such markets selling diamonds, out of which Mahidharpura, also known as Badi Bazaar, has the highest number of diamond units, mostly small and medium-size. What amazes us even more, is the fact that there is no fixed price of diamond articles here in this market. Buyers come here and bargain according to their understanding but do not doubt the authenticity of the diamonds.

There is a reason for that too. The shops here have diamond testers, also called CVD diamond machines that through the monitor help buyers check the authenticity of diamonds. So, what remains for a purchaser is to explore the whole market by doing rounds in the street, select a price, check the quality and take home those beautiful and precious items.


Don’t expect these manufacturing units located on the street to look like big showrooms, but definitely keep in mind to see the traditional methods and styles being used in the manufacturing of diamonds.

So, we suggest you visit this market, not just to buy diamonds, but to explore the history, culture, and everything that makes Surat – a must-visit city!

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