Shop from these social enterprises and women-led brands supporting women artisans!

brands with women artisans

These brands are going the extra mile and working with women artisans across the country and paying for their craftsmanship. If you want to support and empower women, then shop from these social enterprises and brands that are working with women artisans.

When we talk about women’s empowerment, we talk about development, equal rights, and many other important aspects. One of them includes creating livelihood opportunities for them, and we were delighted to know that these social enterprises and brands are working with female artisans and making them financially independent and stable. So, next time you shop, don’t forget to check these brands working with women artisans and be a part of this empowering cycle.

1. Pabiben


Pabiben Rabari was born in a small village in Kutch and learned the famed embroidery of her community which was later banned by the elder council of the community because they believed women spent too much time on the embroidery, leading to late marriages. So, in 1998 she joined the women’s group and became an expert in professional embroidery. After a while, she invented an art form called ‘Hari Jari’, an amalgamation of hand and machine application of readymade elements like ribbons and trims. She made a sample of a shopping bag and after a while, founded a women’s artisan enterprise It gives employment to women artisans in Kutch and offers bags, clothes, covers, stationery, wall art, accessories, home decor items, and much more.

2. Ecofemme


Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010 that sells washable cloth pads, nappies, provides menstrual health education, and opens dialogues on menstruation. They have a team of women from India as well as from abroad who also conduct various programmes on menstrual health education, free pad gifting as well as training programmes.

3. Swara – Voice of Women


Swara is an apparel brand handcrafted by women artisans of West Bengal, Kerala, and the tribal communities of Dungarpur. It offers a gorgeous range of bottoms, bags, tops, kaftans, dresses, and accessories. Even Priyanka Chopra and Bhumi Pednekar have mentioned this brand on their socials. If you are up for traditional prints like Dabu and Banadhani you should see their collection.

4. Sadhna


Sadhna is a social Handicraft Enterprise that works closely with the women artisans in the rural areas of Rajasthan. It offers a range of accessories, womenswear, and menswear as well as home decor items. Sadhna claims to have empowered 700 women artisans so far and even helps them financially in all walks of life through the provision of Provident Fund, insurance, education scholarships, health checks, and distress fund.

6. Saheli Women


Saheli is another ethical fashion social enterprise that is financially empowering marginalized and rural women of Bhikamkor village in rural Rajasthan. They are currently working with 35 such women and reviving traditional embroidery techniques. It works with various international brands and promotes slow fashion.

7. Tonoto


Tonoto is also an all-women-run organization that offers a good collection of hand-embroidered masks and very eye-catching jewellery. They’ve been worn by celebrities like Mira Kapoor, and influencers like Santhoshi Shetty, Sakshi Sindhwani, and more. Their colourful and quirky collection is amazing and so we’d like you to check them out.

7. Okhai


Okhai offers a range of apparel, and lifestyle products at reasonable prices and works closely with women artisans from less privileged backgrounds by helping them acquire new skills. They have impacted over  27,000 artisans as of now and have a range of products with mirror work, patchwork, and embroidery. They are a must-check.

8. The Summer House


This brand is working with rural artisans and has an ongoing partnership with 17 craft clusters across India. They too work with the women artisans and also with the weavers in Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Gujarat. If you are a fan of marble art, bandhani, mashru, Jamdani, hand painting, you’ll love what they offer.

9. Kaiyare


This brand offers a fantastic range of bags, footwear, and apparel made by female artisans from villages around Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. They use Banana tree bark, fabric waste, cork, and upcycled rubber tires to make their products and we just simply love it!

10. Vyusti

Vyusti is one of our favourite brands for two reasons. The first one is definitely their handwoven sarees, and the other one is how they are helping women artisans through their brand. They have a team of 5 women artisans as well as a team of mixed male and female weavers. Prachi, who’s the founder of Vyusti, decided to take women because she thought one woman would love to hear from another woman about sarees. They are now planning to hire more women and support them.

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