These artists are talking about love through their work and we are in awe!

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These artists are talking about love through their work and we are in awe!

Love is a beautiful feeling and these artists who are talking about love through their work are making it feel even more special and warm. Check their work to know what love looks and feels like!

Every time we see their work we fall in love with love over and over again. These artists are creating pieces of art that are filled with passion, warmth, and everything else love is made up of. There are artworks that are bringing people together. Some artists are pouring their feelings and turning them into beautiful poetry, while some are doodling love in the most adorable ways. Keep scrolling as you are about to fall in love once again as these artists are talking about love in gorgeous ways!

1. Nikita Agarwal

Illustrator, comic artist, and animator, Nikita Agarwal is the founder of Cuppa Doodle and her feed is pure bliss. You'll see a very cute and romantic couple in all her comics, and reels, and they are adorable enough to give us relationship goals. The quotes and sound effects she adds in her illustrations and animated videos will surely bring a huge smile to your face.

2. Aditi Mali

Aditi Mali is a comic artist and animator from Pune. Her take on self-love is just what you need to make your day more positive and bright. Her work on mental health, with Adi, the protagonist, will tell you to make peace with your own self and we think it's beautiful and much needed!

3. Doodloo By Niharika

Doodloo by Niharika is a blend of warm, happy, and relatable things. Her wedding portraits will give you couple goals, while her ‘Mumy and Niku’ series will make you want to have a gapshap with your mom! This series is based on the casual conversations she has with her mom, and we can’t help but adore its candidness. Similarly, The Nik & Tin illustrations will make you say awwww with their adorable conversations! One thing that binds everything together is the way she makes them relatable.

4. Shrishti Bhartia

Srishti Bhartia is helping people keep their gifting game strong with customized notebooks, cards, frames, and more. It looks like she can illustrate anything, right from humans to your pets, and we really would like you to see her work. The pretty illustrations that she makes for her clients are usually about the beautiful bonds people share with their loved ones and it's just all very warm. PS: The above reel made us a little emotional :')

5. Saksham Verma

Saksham is an artist who runs an independent illustration and merchandise brand called फील (Feel). He is madly driven by the popular culture of the past and present and strives towards simplifying complexities. One of his projects 'Stages of Love' was inspired by the meaningful Bollywood and its aesthetics about Love and features iconic and gorgeous stages of love. The series definitely takes us back in time!

6.  Shilo Shiv Suleman

Shilo Shiv Suleman is a contemporary artist and her work encompasses illustration and installation art. She has done murals in different countries, including two gay men embracing on the streets of Beirut, and transgender women in Pakistan. During her initiative, Fearless Collective, she toured Lucknow, Delhi, and Jaipur, where she spoke about how women want to be touched, made murals about female love and longing, and showcased the interconnection of emotional, social, and environmental ecosystems through her work.

7. Manisha Gera Baswani

Manisha Gera Baswani is a painter, photographer, and occasional writer. Her photography project ‘Artist through the lens’ is centered on Indian and Pakistani artists photographed by her in their studios and creative spaces. Another project  ‘Postcards from Home’, is based on the 1947 partition of India and is a collection of 47 stories of Partition on the accounts of love and longing among the art communities of the two nations.

8. Nikita Gill 

Nikita Gill is a writer and it's a delight to read what she writes. Her poems are deep, they talk about love, grief, and its complexities. ' I named us grief', 'The Wilting', 'For our daughters and their futures', and 'The making of you' are some of her must-read pieces!

9. Nikhil Bansal

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Nikhil Bansal has painted about same-sex love in the Kangra style of painting. His work is breathtakingly beautiful and he calls himself an artist whose artworks have no gender. Check his feed to see women in an embrace, dancing men who represent the duality of love, and much more.

We give our token of love to these artists who are talking about love and appreciating what they do.

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