Looking for E-items in the Pink City? Check out these electronic markets in Jaipur!

We suggest you visit these local electronic markets in Jaipur for all kinds of electronic items and accessories, that too, at affordable prices!

Living in the pink city has its charm where you get to see and feel royal vibes, even through the local markets, at every step. However, apart from traditional and heritage shopping places, Jaipur obviously also has markets for other essential things of daily lives, i.e., electronic items. So, if you are looking to buy some e-items, check out some of these electronic markets in Jaipur here!

1. Jayanti Market


For all kinds of requirements related to electronic goods like TV, refrigerator, A.Cs, mobile phones, laptops, microwaves, and more, you can directly go to Jayanti market that has many shops catering to electric and electronic items.

Where: Panch Batti

2. Radio market


Even though the name is ‘Radio market’, you can expect to find all electronic items here. The best part is that you can also get your electronic stuff repaired from this place. A few people also say that the market sells second copies, but you can check yourself and buy for short-term purposes!

Where: Ajmeri Gate

3. New Aatish Market


No less than 100 shops are established at the Aatish market that deals with a wide variety of electronic goods. Be it your favourite gadgets, necessary home or kitchen appliances, you can find all of these here.

Where: Mansarovar

4. Indira Bazaar


Another gem for electronic items is none other than the Indira Bazaar where you can get laptops, fridges, Plasma T.Vs, mixer grinders, and many more items of various local and international brands.

Where: Indira Bazaar

5. Raisar Plaza


A whole market in itself, Raisar Plaza is a big building that caters to all can cater to all your electronic needs. Do you know what’s the most amazing part? You can get here all sorts of computer and mobile-related accessories!

Where: Ajmeri Gate

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