Christmas 2021: Check out these Christmas gifting options and get ready to be Secret Santa!

This Christmas, let’s not wait for Santa Claus and become Secret Santas for each other! If you liked the idea and are planning to be one, have a look at these Christmas gifting options and fill your bags with gifts!

Finally, the time of ‘Secret Santa’ is here! But, how about being someone’s ‘Secret Santa’ this time? They would be happier like never before! So, let’s not wait and browse these Christmas gifting options so that they have a ‘Merry Christmas’ too!

1. Monogram mugs, beaded jewellery boxes, photo frames, gift boxes from The Wishing Chair


Cute products by The Wishing Chair make one of the best Christmas gifting options! This women-led homegrown brand has a good range of beautiful mugs, jewellery boxes, photo frames, and gift boxes for Christmas. Just have a look!

2. Holiday Gift Bag by Third Roast


As we all know, people love to travel in winter! So, taking Christmas as an amazing opportunity, how about gifting them something that comes in handy? Well, we are talking about the Holiday Gift Bag that contains a Spice Thrice Cold Brew Coffee, Almond Shmylk, a Hot Chocolate Premix, Fig and Dark Raisin Granola, and Almond Butter and Dark Chocolate Fudge. And, all this comes in a reusable canvas tote!

3. Cork Material Handbags by Mixmitti

If you were planning to gift them handbags, hold for a second and have a look at these cork handbags made from cork material, which comprises processed cork shavings. Each handbag is adorned by hand embroidery of skilled artisans.

4. Water/Wine Bottle Holder and grow pots by Recharkha


Recharkha, which is popular for creating upcycled products from waste plastic bags and wrappers has a collection that you can gift this Christmas, including various wine bottle holders and grow pots for fresh plants! Their upcycled bags might also win your hearts! So, don’t think too much and for a change, give your Santa Child a wine, wine cover, and pretty plant holders!

5. Box Full Of Love by Origin One


Be it your friend, best friend, or partner, the Box Full Of Love by Origin One is for everyone where you can give the brand your initials, and they will personalize the artwork in the wooden frame! Not only this, but the box also comes with a Letterset, Road Trip Planner, Recipe Cards, Greeting Card, Baggage Tags, Pencil, Matchbook Notes, Stickers, and Fridge Badges!

6. World Map Photo Frame by Oye Happy


If they are travel freaks and want to travel the whole world, you must not miss the chance to gift them this photo frame that contains the photo of the world’s map in the upper part while giving you an option to put your different travel pictures at the bottom. The frame also comes with a bunch of pins and a wooden house-shaped pin holder. So, let them know that you care for their dreams!

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