Local roundup: MP to give off on alcohol, Karnataka to give maternity leave for adopting, and more such relevant stories for you

We have got some important news along with events and more such short relevant stories for you that took place in India in the Local roundup. Read all of them below!

Local roundup is an accumulation of some important news and more such short local relevant stories for you that take place in India. Check what major did you miss the past few days here.

1. Madhya Pradesh to give 10% off on alcohol for being vaccinated


To give a boost to the vaccination drive and to motivate people for taking vaccines, Madhya Pradesh’s Mansur district has decided to give a 10% off on alcohol to the people who have received both their doses. The discounts will be applicable in Sitamau Phatak, Bhuniakhedi, and the old bus stand of the Mandsur district. Once the project turns out to be successful, it will be implemented in other areas.

2. Karnataka to give 6-month maternity leave to women employees on adopting kids


The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has announced giving 180 leave days to the women employees who adopt a child. The mother can avail leave benefits within one year of adoption. However, if the mother already has two children, they won’t be able to utilize this scheme.

3. Salman Khan to open his own theatre chain soon


The Bollywood actor has announced opening his own theatre chains in India namely ‘Salman Talkies’. He has met various producers and distributors for the project. However, he has decided to open the theatres in the outskirts of the cities and in the villages where people do not have much access to such facilities.

4. E-rickshaw driver from Kolkata gives free rides to people who answer his GK questions


Suranjan Karmakar, an e-rickshaw puller, has impressed netizens by giving free rides to passengers who answer the questions asked by him. In a video shared on social media by Sankalan Sarkar, Suranjan could be seen asking questions and getting into conversation with him about various topics, which has won the hearts of people all over the new media.

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