Blah! in BKC offers a bright and Instagrammazing ambiance with good food!

Mishkaat Imrani
Nov 23, 2021 06:09 IST
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Blah! in BKC

Pastel pink interiors, a touch of greenery with indoor plants, sculptural light fixtures, and a very aesthetic and comfortable seating make Blah in BKC, unlike its name, a good place to be with your dear ones. Visit this cafe & bar inside The Capital and enjoy good food and click Insta-worthy photos!

Created and curated by owners of Keish Hospitality- Niketa Sharma and Dilip Rawat and managed by chrome hospitality- Dhaval Udeshi, Nikita Harisinghani, and Pawan Shahri, Blah! is a place to have fun-packed chatter with your friends and co-workers while munching and brunching good food. We recently visited Blah! in BKC and got lost in its beautiful and aesthetic decor! Perfect for brunch, this bar & cafe has ample sunlight streams that add up to its bright and happy ambiance. But, what about the food? Well, keep scrolling to read what we had, what we liked, and why you should visit Blah in BKC.

Blah! in BKC

Dimsums and more!

Right beside the entrance and the neon sign that reads 'Blah!', a tall pink flamingo greeted us! As soon as we stepped inside, we saw people talking, eating, drinking, and having a good time. We picked a cutesy corner right in front of the bar section and placed our order.

We began our brunch with the crowd's favourite Edamem truffle Dim sums. These Dim sums were loaded with a creamy and rich edamame filling, and had the signature pista green color. The filling was actually bursting out from the thin dim sum skin, and we think they could have been better wrapped. We were happy with the creamy and chewy taste of the dim sums. One serving of this appetizer came with 4 bite-sized dim sums, and we finished them in seconds!

A colourful feast!

Up next was the thin crust Farm Fresh Pizza, and it was like the regular one. It had the classic tomato sauce with olives, jalapenos, mozzarella, bell peppers, mushroom, and caramelized onions. 

Next, we ordered one serving of the Butterfly Blue Pea Fried rice, which was served with piping hot paneer gravy! Blue Rice, also known as Nasi Kerabu, is cooked using butterfly pea flower and is commonly consumed in Malaysia and Thailand. The color of the dish was not exactly blue but had a blue tinge to it, and the colourful ingredients made it look pretty. The paneer in the gravy was soft, and the veggies were perfectly stir-fried. Overall this dish from the Large Plates section was fine.

We ended our long brunch with the Pink Pancake recommended by Chef Rahul. It had an Instagrammazing presentation and was served with honey, chocolate sauce, fresh berries, and marshmallows. This warm and fluffy dessert was topped with vanilla Chantilly which obviously added to the entire flavour.

Blah! in BKC

Reasons to visit Blah!

  1. The very beautiful and aesthetic decor: The photographs do not do justice to the interiors and the cozy vibe Blah! offers. Visit this cafe & bar to experience its pretty and bright ambiance. Great lighting, beautiful decor, and gorgeous pastel pink make it one of the best aesthetic cafes in the city!

  2. An extensive menu: There is something for everyone! Right from gluten-free, Jain, and vegan options to non-veg variants like chicken, seafood, and lamb, the menu has a variety. If you are hungry, order something from their Large Plate section, and if you are here for a quick bite, the bar nibbles, burgers, sandwiches, and salads will make your visit great.

Our food note!

We feel the menu has a great variety to choose from but can work on justifying the quantity for some dishes. As the eatery has a pretty ambience giving tropical vibes, the place is usually packed with a lot of people, even on a weekday. Overall it was one happy brunch day at Blah! in BKC, and we had a good time. Visit it with your friends if you also love aesthetic cafes like us!

Where: Ground Floor, G-4, The Capital, G Block BKC, Mumbai.

When: 12 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Rs.1,800 for two.

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