On the occasion of Global Handwashing Day, we have got for you a list of brands offering naturally fresh organic hand wash that you can include in your washrooms for healthy living. Check out here!

Gone are those days when handwashing, after every other activity, was a rare act only performed by people intended towards cleanliness! With the arrival of the pandemic, this habit became regular and essential for everyone around the world. As Coronavirus has still not escaped humankind, a regular interval of handwashing has become a must. We have come up with a list of brands selling organic hand wash, that can not only prevent you from the virus but is also not hard on the environment. Have a look!

1. Hand wash combo pack by Haeal


Haeal is one such brand that sells a variety of natural products catering to different categories. They have a combo pack of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin C hand wash, which means nature is at your doorstep!

2. Coconut Mik Moisturizing Handwash by Wow Skin Science


If you like the coconut milk fragrance and want to try its benefits, check out this sulphate-free handwash, also made with other natural ingredients like pro-vitamin B5, citric acid, and vitamin E.

3. Coconut hand wash by Greenberry Organics


As mentioned by the brand, this hand wash has been entirely made with coconut oil that has antimicrobial properties to save your skin from harmful microorganisms. You must know that even Aqua, Decyl, Glucoside, and Coco-Glucoside have been used to prepare this product!

4. The Gulistan handwash by Kimirica


Are you a rose lover? So, this is for you! The Gulistan hand wash has been made from rose petal water as the major ingredient. Along with this, it also has Ginkgo Biloba, White Tea Extract, Olive Oil, and Aloe Vera in it. Enjoy a smell-good hand wash this time.

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5. Citrus hand wash by Influence


This citrus-fragrant hand wash can be another option for you if you are planning to go “all organic” with the hand wash at your house. Prepared with ingredients such as glycerin and natural surfactants, this is a good pick for you!

6. Tea Tree hand wash by The Body Shop


Enriched with the Tea Tree Oil from Kenya, this handwash is not just eco-friendly but also very stylish in appearance. Don’t believe it? Just look at this semi-oval-shaped bottle at its best!

7. Raho Safe hand wash by Pee Safe


If you are looking for a natural hand wash that does not pinch your pockets, you can go for this one! Why? Because a pack of 3 hands washes at just Rs 299.

8. Hawaiian Rumba hand wash by Plum Goodness


This hand wash has for you the mangosteen extract’s antibacterial properties and the mix of Acai to keep your hands smell like you are on a beach! Not only this, but it has a perfect blend of coconut and passion fruit to keep your skin healthy.

9. Hand wash with Lemon Grass Fragrance by Resist Plus


The best part of this product is that it gives a fragrance of Lemon Grass to rejuvenate not only your skin but also your mind! It contains Vitamin-E, Panthenol, and other skin-friendly ingredients for you to enjoy getting closer to nature.

10. Squeaky clean hand wash by Omorfee


To add freshness to your skin, this hand wash is made with Cucumber and Chamomile Floral Water, Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and Olive oil. It focuses on the “dual action of deeply cleaning the skin and providing it moisturization,” as claimed by the brand! It does go on an expensive range.

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