If you are an old soul who still loves expressing their feelings through letters, then get your hands on these must-have letter-writing accessories to keep your writing sessions uninterrupted and more pleasurable. 

There’s nothing wrong with sending e-mails, texting, and embracing technology, but then there is something unique and sweet about the old ways of expressing, and one of them is writing letters! We are sure, each time you read your old letters given to you by your friends or relatives, you feel nostalgic, don’t you?. Each time you write something for someone beloved, you can’t help but pour all your feelings into these letters! Whether you are a lettering enthusiast or someone who has just started writing, these must-have letter-writing accessories belong on your wish list!

1. Wax seal Kit from Sugar Box


We all know how a wax seal makes your letter even more vintage without even exerting any effort. So, add a personalized touch to your letter writing experience with this beautiful wax seal set that comes with a candle, a seal, 2 wax sticks, and 20 ribbons.

2. Envelope from Vista Prints


Well, it’s true when they say what’s inside is what really matters, but why not let the outside create an impression and excitement with a gorgeous envelope choice? Vista Prints let your pick a size and customize it as per your choice. They have many exciting designs and prints, and we’ll suggest you check them at least once. Or, if you are a fan of floral designs, check Decoraai for it.

3. A Fountain Pen from The Pen World


There is something very special and warm about writing or receiving letters that have been written with an ink or fountain pen ( Even if your handwriting is bad, they add a touch of aesthetics to your text!). So, if you are planning to pen down your thoughts on paper, let that happen with a fountain pen. However, if you are a fan of regular pens, don’t forget to check out Your Print. You can even customize pens.

4. An aesthetic letter sheet from Paper Design Co.

 letter-writing accessories

A rough paper can ruin your entire letter-writing mood in seconds, and so it is very important to get a bunch of paper that gives you the pleasure of writing. Paper Design Co. has multiple letter sheets that have beautiful prints on them, and it will definitely make your letters look more appealing.

5. A unqiue letter opener from Cherry Tin

 letter-writing accessories

In the world of electronic mails, these vintage letter openers will make for a memorable gift, as well as a very useful letter writing accessory. From gorgeous silver letter openers to the ones that are made using the ancient Bidri technique, Cherry Tin has a good collection of letter openers, and you should check them at least once we say.

6. Zero waste postcard by Bare Necessities

 letter-writing accessories

Sometimes, a quick note can deliver a lot more than a long letter ever could! While sometimes, you just want your loved ones to know that you are missing them. For such phases, a postcard can be a great solution. We love these eco-friendly lifestyle postcards by Bare Necessities. They are not only a great gift but also a gentle reminder about attempting a zero-waste lifestyle.

7. A paperweight from Olee Maatee

 letter-writing accessories

If you are someone who likes to write long letters and would always need at least 3-4 pages to pour your heart out, then a paperweight is a must-have accessory while writing letters. Keep your sheets in a place with this paperweight while you write the rest on other pieces!

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