A letter enveloped in the salty breeze to Goa where my waves met its shores!

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A letter enveloped in the salty breeze to Goa where my waves met its shores!

When life gives you Goa, hug it tight, feel the beach nights, immerse on the sand, and make it a trip without a plan! Here's a letter to Goa, filled with love and memories. 

Goa has always been on our travel bucket list. It's the beachy paradise we have all wanted to explore with our friends and family at least once. For some, it's the beaches that they find their solace in, while for some, it's the nightlife and the lip-smacking Goan food. But, be it any reason, one can't deny the fact, that Goa has everything for you to fall in love with it. Goa leaves all of us awestruck with its beauty, people, tradition, and above all, its vibe. Here’s an attempt to express our fondness through this letter to Goa, our beloved beachy paradise!

letter to Goa


Dear Goa,

The first time I met you was during a college trip, and you were pretty hot. ( It was a humid afternoon after all)! I had just gotten down from the train at Madgaon Junction, and the very first thing I saw was the bright, lit sky. There was a sweet smell that lingered around me, and I couldn't stop smiling, because, after all this time, I was finally meeting you with my friends!

I remember running with nothing but fervour on the gritty sand of Calangute beach. I remember throwing my shoes away because I quickly wanted to jump into the water and swim. Dear Goa, I will also never forget how the salty water went into my nose, after which I couldn't stop laughing. I then watched the sun go down. It was gorgeous, smooth and it was the most beautiful sight to my eyes.

Oh, dear Goa, do you even know how much do I miss you? I miss the nightlife and the fun you showered on me during my stay. I miss dancing like nobody's watching and listening to the waves sitting around the bonfire. My beloved Goa, I miss clicking pictures with the gorgeous backdrop of the Arabian Sea and the palm & coconut trees. Oh, and I loved spending almost an entire day sitting on beach beds of sea-facing shacks gazing at the sea.

letter to Goa


Also, how can I not mention how much did I admire your architectural wonders? Your forts and churches were an equal treat to my eyes, and I miss exploring them a little too much. But, do you know what I miss the most about you? Well, it's the sound of the waves, the breeze that would kiss my face, and the night sky that would keep me wide awake!

It wouldn't be wrong to say that I miss almost everything about you Goa. And that I will always cherish those 4 days spent with you. I am waiting to see you again, for you make life feel easy and breezy! Here's a toast to you, and here's a toast to this letter to Goa and my experiences that may sound a little too cheesy :D


The one who couldn't see you again due to the lockdown'

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