#LocalFestiveFinds: 5 Accessories to gift this festive season!

Festivities are here, and so is the enjoyment and season of gifting. And if you are the gift-giver of the group, pretty sure, you are already looking for options. Wondering what you should buy for your special someone, thank us later, we are here to share with you a few of our favorite pieces of accessories from Indian brands that made the cut to our list, and you might want to pick them too, to gift your friends and family, or even to yourself. Self-love and pampering is important, people!

1. Watch from Joker & Witch

Watches once adorned as a daily accessory now sees the light quite rarely. But one classy watch can go with any kind of outfit to amp up your style and give you confidence no other accessory can actually match. If you are looking for a chic yet reasonable piece, Joker & Witch has a good collection. They have options for couples too! Their watches with metallic finesse and the magnetic band gets our brownie point.

2. Statement Jewellery from Teejh

Who is not a fan of ethnic jewelry, especially Silver oxidized ones? This choker piece from Teejh is one of our favourites and goes well with both traditional outfits as well as for fusion look. You can wear this choker with both white Kurta, blue straight-fit cotton pants, and dupatta, or even with a white dress and blue denim shorts. Trust us, it goes well with both.

3. Dupatta from Taavi

Accessories to gift

Dupattas are in trend again! Leaving behind all the scarves and dupattas hacks on Instagram, this one is a good OG accessory you shouldn’t miss!
Block printing, as well as Indigo clothing, are pretty timeless, and this Indigo Dupatta from Taavi goes to our list of must-haves. A perfect accessory for both ethnic and casual wear.

4. Sunglasses from Vincent Chase

Accessories to gift

Sunglasses are more like a necessity than an accessory, and one should always own a good pair of sunglasses for daily use. This pretty pink Wayfarer looks uber cool and is a nice pick to pair with casual wear. We think this can be one of the chic accessories to gift this festive season.

5. Socks from Thela Gaadi

Accessories to gift

Winters will be knocking soon! And though we know you don’t need a season as a reason to wear them. We have tried quite a few designs from Thela Gaadi. They are cute, comfy, and casual, basically you can wear them whether you are staying indoors or going out.

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