Head to The Bread Bar in Chembur, Mumbai, to enjoy flaky croissants, fresh snacks, coffee, and more!

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Head to The Bread Bar in Chembur, Mumbai, to enjoy flaky croissants, fresh snacks, coffee, and more!

Founded by 23-year-old Rachi Gupta, The Bread Bar offers freshly baked goods in a minimalistic and warm ambiance. Perfect for a morning breakfast, late brunch, or a quick snack bite, this cafe feels like home.

As soon as you enter this cute, little cafe, you will first notice their huge kitchen and then anything else. Started by Chef Rachi Gupta 3 months back, this newly opened cafe in Chembur is a pretty place to begin your day with some flaky and crunchy croissants, sandwiches, and a soul-warming mug of hot chocolate. We recently visited The bread Bar and had a baking conversation with the young chef who has worked in Pierre Hermé in Paris and Spain’s sustainable restaurant, Azurmendi.

The Bread Bar

A heart-baking concept!

"My agenda to start The Bread Bar was to keep it local, sustainable, and handmade. I was initially looking forward to starting a cloud kitchen. But, since I have studied in France, and I have been a fan of cute little cafes there, so, that’s what I had in my mind.", says Chef Rachi.

With proper planning and her passion for baking, she rented a place in Chembur and hired 4 trained chefs. Her mother, Vandana too became part of her team, and now these baking enthusiasts are running The Bread Bar. " They are fresh graduates from college. I think the freshers are more energetic, great learners, and filled with ideas.", she says.

The Bread Bar

Chef Rachi Gupta

A Loafly Menu!

The Bread Bar offers handmade baked items, coffee, tea, and snacks. The staff starts working right after completing their shifts in the evening at 8 p.m, while Rachi's day begins at 6 in the morning. We started our conversation with a flaky bite of an almond croissant and a creamy cup of hot chocolate. The croissant was perfectly crunchy, light, and tasty. The almonds on top had a fresh crunch, and we enjoyed this combination.

We also tried their Ham & cheese melt and Sweet & spicy chicken sandwiches. Both the sandwiches were delicious, but the Ham & cheese with the sourdough bread was the star, and it was a savoury experience!

For desserts, Chef Rachi suggested we try their Guilt-Free Tea Cake and Apple Pie, and so we did! The Guilt-free cake had dates as the sweetener, and if you are on a sugar diet, it's a must-try. Though the Apple Pie could have been gooier! But, since it wasn't much sugary, we loved it for its balanced and not-so-overpowering taste!

We also sipped on their special Affogato that came with vanilla bean ice cream and a double shot of espresso. You will adore this one if you like your coffee a little stronger. The creamy texture was just how it should be.

Other than the above items, Chef Rachi also suggests trying their New York-style bagels, Butter Croissants, and French Baguette. "All our bread has traditional take! They are chewy compared to the ones you get in the market. Similarly, the French Baguette is crusty as well as chewy.", says Chef Rachi.

Inside the cafe!

The Bread Bar

Almost 70% of the place is allotted to the kitchen, and that's what we loved the most about The Bread Bar. We were able to see how the chefs were working, how everything was taking place, and it was fun to step inside and see the chefs baking their hearts out in a neat facility.

Even though the seating area is small and can take up to only 7 people, we loved how it was decorated. The fairy lights on one of the shelves added the required warmth to the room. The big wide glass window made the cafe look a little more spacious. The artificial plants near the entrance added a dash of color to the place.

Chef Rachi also mentioned how her team takes care of the food waste and turns it into something delicious. "We barely have any food waste, it is below 5% I'd say. We don’t even throw sourdough wastes and use them to make sourdough crackers, and everything is baked in-house.", she adds. The Bread Bar also delivers all across Mumbai and does it sustainably through their eco-friendly packaging.

Where: Shah Industrial Estate, Unit No. 2, Deonar, Chembur, Mumbai

When: 9.30 am to 8.00 pm

Price: rs.350 for two

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