These Deaf and Mute run eateries in India will give you food for thought!

We have curated this list of restaurants and cafes to ensure your hearing and communication experience is as unique and memorable as your dining experience. Keep these Deaf and Mute run eateries on your food bucket list and enjoy a meal served by specially-abled staff.

While there are thousands of restaurants and cafes in different cities with amazing ambiance and great food to offer, there are very few places that are not only an eatery but one that works for a cause. These deaf and mute run eateries have hired specially-abled people as their staff members. They are here to make your experience serene and will even help you learn sign language. And, that’s what we call ‘Food for Thought’!

1. Ishara, Mumbai

Deaf and Mute run eateries

This pretty restaurant has a completely deaf and mute wait-staff and a nature-friendly ambiance. The hearing-impaired and mute staff will assist and serve you with a huge smile, while the menu highlights signs for placing your order. The servers also carry a card displaying the name of the dish to avoid any misunderstanding.

Where: 3rd Floor, 462, Palladium, High Street Phoenix, Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel.

2. Terrasinne, Pune

Deaf and Mute run eateries

Terrissinne is Pune’s first deaf and mute-run restaurant and has a bright ambiance with an interior with buzzers, lights, and alphabetical signs. At the entrance, you will be greeted with an enthusiastic salute first, and then the staff will take you to the table. The menu will be handed over, and they will ask you about the bottled water through sign language. This restaurant also follows the farm-to-table concept and has given livelihood opportunities to 208 farmers from Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, MP, and a few southern states.

Where: Bhosale Heights, Terrasinne – 10 Tukaram Paduka Chowk, Sud Nagar, Shivajinagar, Pune

3. Mirchi & Mime, Mumbai

Deaf and Mute run eateries

Another must-visit restaurant in Mumbai, Mirchi & Mime, is a trendy dining restaurant. They have majorly speech & hearing-impaired service staff. Here, you can bite on some delicious Indian cuisines by placing your order using sign language. With a gorgeous ambiance, fabulous menu, and employing deaf and mute staff, Mirchi & Mime is definitely bringing a social change.

Where: Mirchi And Mime, 6, One Boulevard, Lake Boulevard Road, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai.

4. Echoes, Delhi

Deaf and Mute run eateries

Located in the Satyaniketan market, Echoes is making noise with its amazing food, and a team of deaf and mute staff. It was started by a group of friends six years ago and now has over 40 specially-abled in its team. There are sign blocks at the entrance, while to make things simpler, one can press the button provided at the table. The menu features some delicious Pasta, Pizza, grills, Chinese snacks, Sandwiches, Wraps.

Where: 2nd & 3rd Floor, 2522, Hudson Lane, Delhi.

5. La Gravitea, Ranchi

Deaf and Mute run eateries

This one is popular for its tea menu and offers over 150 brews of tea. Located about 130 kilometers from Ranchi, La Gravitea Cafe has cooks and waiters who are hearing and speech impaired. Avinash Duggar, who started this cafe after quitting his corporate job, has trained all the staff members and has over ten people in his team. The customers have to place their orders through sign language.

Where: 2, North, opp. Rifle Club, Circuit House Area, Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

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