International Day of Sign Languages: Meet some educators of Indian sign language!

While a few make videos on YouTube, some are also involved in teaching people directly. On the occasion of the International Day of Sign Languages, here are some of the people teaching Indian sign language.

Many people are trying hard to make lives easier for the deaf and mute people. One cannot ignore the contribution of educators in this regard, who not only help these specially-abled people by teaching Indian sign language but also paved way for others to talk to the mute and deaf people more conveniently. Today, we are talking about those people who teach Indian sign language through various platforms. Let’s meet them together!

1. Pragya Gupta


Pragya Gupta does not only teach sign language but also creates awareness by making videos around it. Through her YouTube channel, this Mass Communication graduate can help you understand the words, numbers, alphabets in sign language.

Visit the YouTube channel here

2. Arun C Rao


For the past five years, Arun C. Rao has been trying to help people with the names of fruits, vegetables, colors, months, days, etc. He teaches the essentials for sign language through a YouTube channel, ‘Bumper Clap’, which is otherwise an entertainment channel.

Visit the YouTube channel here

3. Swadesh Upadhyay


You will be amazed to know Swadesh Upadhyay, who is associated with the ‘Patiyala School for the Deaf, ‘ teaches the deaf and mute people many technical aspects of Science and Computer through sign language. The best part is that he also uploads his videos on his YouTube channel.

Visit the YouTube channel here

4. Sarla Rani


Sarla Rani uploads small videos on various topics like the names of shapes, alphabets, etc. Not only this, but she also teaches yoga to specially-abled children.

Visit the YouTube channel here

5. Selvamani


HR by profession, Selvamani’s parents are hearing and speech impaired, and that’s one of the reasons he is more dedicated to teach the Indian sign language to people through offline/online classes. Do you know, he has won many awards for his education and literature contribution to society!

Visit his classes here

We salute all such educators who are giving their contribution to help deaf and mute people.

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