We have got some important news along with events and more local news for you that took place in India in the Local roundup. Read all of them below!

Local roundup is an accumulation of some important news and more local news for you that take place in India. Check what major did you miss the past few days here.

1. Delhi to set up odour control system at sewage treatment plants


Attempting to reduce the bad smell and pollution from the sewage plants, the Delhi government has decided to set up a biological odour control system at sewage treatment plants. As the first step, floating aerators in drains will be installed to help in removing odour. Apart from that, the drains will also be revamped under the Drainage Master Plan.

2. Akansha Kumari becomes India’s first woman Engineer to work in an underground mine


For the time in the history of India, a woman has been appointed as a mining engineer to join Coal India Limited (CIL). Belonging from Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, Akansha used to live in a mining belt area where she observed the mining activities very closely. After joining one of the biggest coal mining companies in the world, Akansha feels blessed for her dream coming true.

3. Telangana to use seedcopter drones for afforestation


The department of Information Technology and Forests of the Telangana government have collaborated with the Hyderabad startup Marut Drones for afforestation. Under the campaign, ‘Hara Bhara’, the seedcopter drones, developed by the company will be used to disperse seed over various land. The seeds will be prepared by local women and communities.

4. Kerala woman enters India Book of Records with a poet for writing a unique novel


Anju Sajith, a native of Palakkad, Kerala, and the Tamil poet-writer Bho Manivannan wrote the novel ‘Ven Tharishu Nilangal’ in their mother tongue. While Anju wrote some in Malayalam, Manivannan wrote a section in Tamil. The duo helped each other in teaching their language, after which they wrote the book in both languages.

5. Kerala friends take cycles to spread awareness about blood donation


Kozhikode-native Muhammed Saheer has taken his cycle to spread awareness about the importance of blood donation with his friend Fadi Jiyad. The duo travels from Kozhikode to Kanyakumari to motivate people for blood donation. Since August 16, they have been riding during the daytime and stop around 7 PM.

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