Dadi’s Kitchen Tales was started during the second wave of the pandemic after a random meal at Gurdeep Soni’s place. The guests, who are the members of a popular Instagram food page, insisted Gurdeep Soni Ji start her own home kitchen, and after that, Dadi’s Kitchen Tales was born.

A Punjabi family in Jaipur is serving delicious Punjabi khana, cooked by a very adorable 87-year-old Dadi, Gurdeep Soni. During the second wave of the pandemic, her family saw her worried and depressed by what was happening around her. Since Gurdeep Soni Ji, aka Dadi, had always been a great cook, they decided to start ‘Dadi’s Kitchen Tales’ to serve Punjabi dishes and desserts.

“When the second wave happened there were a lot of cases and deaths around and even in our family. There was a lot of negativity. She was in depression and was not feeling great.”, says Kultejan Singh, grandson of Gurdeep Soni. In between this, a dinner was arranged for a few guests, and Dadi cooked piping hot Chole Bhature for them. “There is a WhatsApp group and an Instagram page by the name Gangs of foodies. My father is part of that group. One day, they all were at our place, and Dadi had made Chole Bhature for them. After which they insisted Dadi to start selling her food as it was great.”, he adds.

When Kultejan and other family members discussed this with Dadi, she was all ready for it. They didn’t have to convince her. “The only thing she was a little concerned about was not being able to do it alone. And so, we all became a part of her venture.”, he explains.

Dadi's Kitchen Tales

The family members have divided every task, and everybody has a role to play. Kultejan looks after the non-veg section. Dadi takes care of her signature dishes like Chole Bhature, Mutton Saagwala, Cream chicken, and bread pudding. While, Kultejan’s father is responsible for packaging, dispatch, and taking orders. Currently, their menu has around 12-14 Punjabi dishes, including non-veg and a few desserts. “She is also introducing new puddings in the menu soon, and Jalebi pudding is going to be one of them.”, he says.

From the very start, the response was great. People were ordering from Dadi’s Kitchen Tales, but Kultejan was a little skeptical about it. “We were not getting repeat orders initially, and that was worrying. So I even decided to invite a chef to taste our food, but then suddenly we started getting repeat orders and even got orders for parties and events. I think it was all word-of-mouth publicity.”, he explains.

Dadi’s Kitchen Tales now sees 10-12 orders every single day, and Dadi spends at least 2-4 hours in the kitchen preparing food. Two weeks back, they even did a monsoon drive-through paratha festival which was a big hit. “After that everybody wanted to sit and have a word with dadi. So, we made arrangements and organized a one-day Paratha festival and made 97 paranthas in 4 hours.”, says Kultejan.

After the success of this drive, Dadi’s Kitchen Tales is now planning to do more such festivals. The next one on their list is Chola bhatura festival, and then during winters, they have saag and Makki ki roti lined up. “Most of the home kitchens are not doing this and since we have an open space at our place, we are planning to come up with more such things.”, he says

Dadi’s Kitchen Tales deliver all across Jaipur and has a great menu. If you are also craving some lip-smacking Punjabi food now, get in touch with them on +91-9828015867/ 9782555516.

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