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Local Samosa is back with the weekly list of workshops to help you utilize your time in the best way. Sign up for any of these online workshops this week and upgrade your skills.

Explore these interesting online workshops and pick the one that suits you the best. Try your hands-on macrame making, learn a KIM K-inspired makeup look, or make pretty string art. Keep reading, as there’s a lot that you can do this week with these online workshops.

1. Marcame workshop with Zainab Painter

Macrame art can add a dash of aesthetic to your home, and so if you are planning to learn it, then check this online workshop by Zainab Painter, who has trained over 150 people as of now. You will learn 8 basic knots and will be making 2 Macrame products – Wall Hanging & Keychain in this 2-day workshop.

When: 28th and 29th August

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2. Kim K inspired makeup workshop by Mausam

Let’s all agree, when it comes to nude makeup or no-make look, Kim Kardashian kills it every single time. If you also like her makeup skills, then this workshop is for you as Mausam Gandhi will help you get a Kim K-inspired makeup look. Learn this versatile makeup that is suitable for every occasion. Register as it’s one of those online workshops that a makeup lover would not want to miss.

When: 25th August

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3. Edible photocake workshop by Ritu’s cake designing studio

Photo cakes are the new baking trend, and we are totally in love with it. Nagpur-based baker Ritu will teach you everything about making an edible cake print, and if you are into baking, you should not miss this workshop.

When: 28th August
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4. Expressive art workshop by The Movement Spectrum

Staying home has affected our mental health a lot, and so this one can be a help. In this 2-session workshop, you will be able to find a way to unwind, to pause, and to practice deep listening with the Arts in the center with various activities. No prior experience in any kind of art is required.

When: 27th and 29th August

DM for details.

5. String Art Workshop with Artistic Pitara

String art looks great and can be an amazing gift. Artists use lines of thread to create curved patterns that can form various desirable shapes, and the result looks fantastic. Learn this cool technique from Jasleen, who runs a page on Instagram by the name Artistic Pitara where she makes string art pieces. Her work is remarkable, and you will surely learn a lot from her.

When: 26th August

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6. Stand Up Comedy workshop with Raghav Mandava

Stand Up comedy is not simple. It takes a lot of work and presence of mind to make your audience laugh, and so if you are looking for a guide then, have a look at this workshop. The facilitator, Raghav Mandava, has been a multi-faceted professional in the field for 11 years, and he is here to help all aspiring stand-up comedians. The workshop will be an online video interactive session, where participants can bring forth their queries pertaining to the craft of stand-up comedy and questions related to the industry 

When: 29th August

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7. Instagram Makeover Workshop by Social Media Training Hub

Ms. Ami Savla Hemani is a Social Media Expert, Consultant, and the founder of a Social Media Training Hub – Socialize Store. She has bagged 9 awards to date, has been featured in 26 newspapers and magazines, and also recently got interviewed by CNBC for their show Tech Guru. She is here to help you out with how you can grow your followers organically in this Instagram Makeover Workshop.

When: 23rd August to 28th August
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8. Urdu Ghazal Workshop with Poet Swapnil Tiwari

You can’t talk about Urdu without mentioning Ghazal, and if you are a fan of Ahmed Faraz, Faiz, Ghalib, and Allama Iqbal, then this workshop will interest you. It is indeed a treat for budding poets, writers, performing artists, Urdu-Hindi Literature enthusiasts, and for everyone who in any way loves the art form of Ghazal and Sher o Shayari. Learn Technical terms/basic terminologies in Ghazal and their usage, different types of Ghazal, discussions on the Minimum and Maximum number of couplets in a Ghazal, and a lot more in this one from Swapnil Tiwari.

When: 28th & 29th August

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9. Japanese Kokedama Workshop by The Breathing Art

A workshop for plant enthusiasts! Kokedamas are beautiful Japanese String gardens that can be placed on a table or anywhere. They save a lot of space and are low maintenance. Learn from expert Deepti Pitre as she will be explaining the basic concepts, tips, and the science of how Kokedamas work. She will also show a demonstration on how to create a beautiful Kokedama. It’s a must-check for all plant lovers.

When: 26th August

Tap here for details.

10. Behrupiya (storytelling) workshop with Akram Khan

Behrupiya art is an ancient art form and is traditionally considered to have been initiated by Narada Muni. In this workshop, you will get introduced to some of the insights from the art form & its tradition. There will be activities around some key elements of the art form, along with a performance demonstration by the artist Akram Khan. Sing up for this if you love traditional art forms and are into the theatre.

When: 27th August.

Tap here for details.

Enroll in these online workshops this week and be a little more productive this week.

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