Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, aka MTR, is pleasing our tastebuds with its South Indian food even before the independence!

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Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, aka MTR, is pleasing our tastebuds with its South Indian food even before the independence!

MTR started as a single restaurant but now has multiple outlets across India and abroad, and not just this, it has also become one of the most successful pre-packaged food businesses in the country.

Started by Yajnarayana Maiya and his brothers, MTR began its journey with a restaurant in Bangalore that is still a favorite among the local people in the bustling street of JC Road. It is also said that even the Chief Minister of Karnataka stood in a queue to taste the buttery masala dosa at MTR. This eatery that later grew into a multinational enterprise has a rich history to cherish. This iconic brand is known as the inventor of our favorite Rava Idli and even holds a record for its service. Keen to know more? Don't stop scrolling.



MTR today has two entities – the restaurants and the packaged food business. Both are equally popular for their quality and taste. In 1924, when the Maiya family opened MTR in Bangalore, it was a small restaurant. The restaurant is still running successfully and has six more outlets in and around Bangalore. These restaurants also serve a typical vegetarian Brahmin fare which is nothing but delicious. Other than this, MTR also has a global presence with a few more outlets in cities like Singapore, London, and even Dubai.


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In the year 1975, the sibling duo decided to take this modest venture to a new level. They diversified MTR into the business of convenience foods and instant mixes. This too became a big hit and is still doing well today. As the business expanded, modernization, Lab and printing, and packaging facilities were also added. MTR's wide range of products includes ready-to-eat curries and rice, ready-to-eat cook gravies, frozen food, ice-cream, instant mixes, spices, and a variety of pickles, papads, and milk beverage drinks.



Being the innovators of the Rava Idli and holding a record:

During World War II, there was a huge shortage of rice supply. Seeing the chaos and the situation, MTR came up with something very unique and delicious. The Rava Idli was a result of their experiments with semolina, and they ended up creating a brand new snack, 'Rava Idli', which is still popular among people, and a much-loved breakfast dish.

According to Wikipedia, this legendary food chain also holds a world record of being the first fast-food restaurant to serve 21,000 customers in seven hours.



MTR today:

Today, MTR Food takes pride in its rich heritage of over 97 years. Right from its traditional beginnings to its 21st-century technological prowess, MTR's offerings are part of a rich Indian heritage for all right reasons. Today, its outlets serve some lip-smacking south Indian recipes such as Rava Idli, Kesaribhath, Kharabhath, Bisibele Bhath, Chandrahara, Masala Dosa, and Filter coffee. Under their ready-to-make collection, there are mixes for idlis and dosas. Currently, Harishchandra Maiya, who is the nephew of Yagnanarayana Maiya, is running MTR with all its taste and glory.

Where: 14, Lalbagh Road, Bengaluru, (There are multiple outlets)

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