Sip on these Infused water recipes to hydrate your body in the best way!

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Sip on these Infused water recipes to hydrate your body in the best way!

If you find drinking 8 glasses of water every day a bit difficult, and if you prefer any other drink over plain water, then check these infused water recipes to catch up on your daily water intake. 

Can't sip on plain, boring water? If you are in the “I don’t like the taste of the water,” or,  “ I again forget to drink enough water,” team, then infused water would be an easy peasy solution for both of these problems. These interesting and flavourful infused water recipes are delicious as well as refreshing. Keep your throat clean, hydrate your body, and be healthier with these quick and easy recipes.

1. Chia Seed water

This one has only 3 ingredients. Honey, lemon juice, and chia seed. All these ingredients are extremely good for skin, digestion, and boosting metabolism. This one will even help prevent the fat build up and if you like basil seed aka sabza, then you are going to have a great time sipping on this one.

2. Mint and lemon water

Mint, lemon, and cucumber will cool your body down and will cleanse it too. This one will help in improving your energy level and will also help you with weight loss. Mint adds another level of freshness to this drink, and this is our personal favorite. Sprinkle a pinch of salt for taste.

3. Mango Ginger Water 

Who doesn't love mangoes? And if you love eating them in different forms like Aam Panna, achar, and shakes, try your hands on this one as well. It is paired with ginger, and the combination actually tastes good. Both these ingredients are great for immunity, metabolism, and digestion. Drinking this 30 minutes before the meals can help keep the blood sugar level in balance. Try this recipe before you run out of mangoes.

4. Watermelon Detox Water

This refreshing detox water is cooling and also packed with nutrients. Give a delicious twist to your drinking water with fresh watermelon, lemon, mint, and some ginger. If you are living in hotter areas, then this one is definitely a great pick.

5. Orange Spice Infused Water 

Detoxify your body with this orange-infused water recipe. Help your body get the extra vitamin while tingling your taste buds with its slightly spicy flavor. If you are a fan of masala chai or masala iced tea, you will like it too.

6. Apple infused Water 

Apples are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, while ginger and cinnamon help to burn the extra calories. This infused water recipe will not just detox your body but will also refresh your mood.

7. Carrot fennel infused water

This Carrot fennel seed-infused water drink is another fun beverage you can make at home within few minutes. This one will boost your immune system and increase your energy level. Fennel seeds have cooling properties, which makes them good for the stomach and digestion. Sip and feel good.

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