The comical way of life: Check out these quirky Indian cartoonists on Instagram for a witty scroll!

For all those cartoon and comic lovers out there, here is a treat for you. Check out the interesting strips by these talented Indian cartoonists on Instagram, and we are sure you’ll find your favorite. 

Comics are a great way to depict the reality of lives, sometimes even using satire and humour. Gone are those days where we could just find the daily features in magazines or newspapers. With the digital age, one can easily find such strips on various social media channels. Hence, we are here to appreciate the world of comics and Indian cartoonists who showcase their witty work on Instagram. Have a look!

1. Satish Acharya


Satish Acharya is an Editorial Cartoonist and journalist one can find on Instagram. His cartoons are mostly political and appealing and even might hit you with reality.
Instagram: Satish Acharya

2. Alicia Souza


Alicia Souza is one of the funniest Indian cartoonists on Instagram who makes cartoons on daily life activities. We always relate to them. Check, you might relate too!

InstagramAlicia Souza

3.  Sailesh Gopalan


He runs an Instagram page with the name Brown Paperbag Comics. This page, no doubt, covers all aspects of brown lives and households. Get ready to see “our” lives on his page!
Instagram: Sailesh Gopalan

4. Kenny Sebastian


We all know Kenny Sebastian as a popular stand-up comedian who makes people laugh with his performances but did you know that he also engages them with his cartoons? Yes, and those are as funny as his punchlines!
Instagram: Kenny Sebastian

5. Rachita Taneja


Simple yet satirical dialogues define Sanitary Panels, an Instagram comic page run by Bengaluru-based Rachita Taneja. She makes cartoons on Indian politics and culture in the most appealing way. Check the page out now!
Instagram: Rachita Taneja

6. Rohan Chakravarty


“Creator of green humour”, Rohan Chakravarty calls himself. You can come across his comic strip columns very often in newspapers like Mid-Day, The Hindu etc. We love reading them on weekends! Do you?
Instagram: Rohan Chakravarty

7. Sabari Venu


Sabari runs a comic page on Instagram with the name, ‘Mean Curry’. And, we have given his multilingual cartoons the name, ‘Humour Curry’ as it is blended with the spices of satire and daily-life drama!
Instagram: Sabari Venu

8. Uncle Subbu Comics


Uncle Subbu comics is an Instagram page run by a daughter who very well knows the relationship between dads and daughters. She pictures down the ups and downs of that relationship wittingly. See if you can dedicate one strip to your dad!
Instagram: Uncle Subbu Comics

9. Appu Pencil


Appu Pencil is a page on Instagram full of intriguing cartoons. Those comic characters have the ability to make you think a little about the society, world and human beings. The best part about these cartoons is that they give lessons but also make you laugh. Go, check now!
Instagram: Appu Pencil

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