Want to get lost in words? These Indian spoken poetry artists are here to evoke whirlwinds of emotions!

Have a look at these spoken poetry artists of Indian origin and their poetry. We are sure you will not be able to stop yourself from appreciating their talent.

We are here to show some admiration to those artists who give words to our unspoken feelings, emotions, and sentiments. Yes, we are talking about the spoken poetry artists in India!
We love how they rummage the inner secret light and dark corners of their hearts and even ours and make it so beautifully poetic that we feel relatable, and it makes us go, yeah, we aren’t alone! So, check them out here!

1. Hussain Haidry


Hussain is one of the best spoken poetry artists in India who knows how to win the hearts of people by appealing to them with his words. Be it his shows or Instagram feed, he masters them with his poetic conversation.

InstagramHussain Haidry

2. Ankita Shah


Ankita Shah is another artist on the list who does it so well. She is also the co-founder of The poetry club in Mumbai. Follow her and the club if poetry interests you!

InstagramAnkita Shah

3. Vanika


Vanika believes in “taking a moment and realizing the beauty of what people have”! Her poems are, no doubt, enticing for all age groups, and we are sure you’ll love her work!


4. Simar Singh


If you want a good read filled with imagination, romance, longing, and love, you ought to land up at his page! Simar also owns UnErase Poetry, which is an Instagram page for featuring poems and poets.

InstagramSimar Singh

5. Taranjit Kaur


This Mumbai resident knows how to hit at the right place of your heart with her beautiful and romantic poems. However, her other side is working for a social cause as she has also been involved in distributing sanitary napkins to women.

InstagramTaranjit Kaur

6. Diksha Bijlani


Diksha believes that “she is a Batman”, according to her Instagram profile. And, just like Batman, who saved his city, Diksha is trying to save the society using the medium of poems. Her writings are intended to spread political awareness among citizens.

InstagramDiksha Bijlani

7. Jidnya Sujata


If we say she is one of the best spoken poetry artists, that will not just be enough. Jidnya is also a dancer, who is specialized in Kathak. Check out her Instagram profile here!

InstagramJidnya Sujata

8. Helly Shah


Helly is a 22-year-old poet and storyteller who writes amazing Hindi romantic poems. Moreover, her performances are much relatable to teenagers who go through the experience of love for the first time!
Instagram: Helly Shah

9. Kopal Khanna


Who does not know about Tape a Tale! But do you know who is the person behind it? She is none other than Kopal Khanna, who herself is an expert in storytelling! Go check her out!

InstagramKopal Khanna

10. Priya Malik


Priya Malik has always been advocating for women’s rights and upliftment through her words. She also has one of the most colourful Instagram pages where you can see her enjoying every moment of life. We are already a fan of her poetry. Are you?

Instagram: Priya Malik

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