This Couple from Tamil Nadu donates the remaining money from their wedding for COVID-19 relief

Anu and Arul Pranesh, the newly married couple from Tamil Nadu, chose to donate the remaining money from their wedding to various NGOs and government organizations.

Indian weddings are popular for spending a good amount of money by the families. While many desire their weddings to be the best, a few also aim to keep up with the social standards. However, a couple from Tamil Nadu did not stick to these unwritten norms and chose to use the remaining amount from their wedding to donate it for COVID-19 relief.


Anu and Arul Pranesh had estimated Rs. 50 lakhs for their wedding which took place on June 14. However, they managed to organize the wedding for just Rs 13 lakhs. Observing this, they donated the remaining money to some government organizations and NGOs as a contribution to fight the deadly Coronavirus.

The couple had taken the permission of local authorities for the wedding since their elders were not in favor of postponing the wedding. After this, the couple got married at Vattamalai Angalamman temple.

Arul Pranesh and his family, who is also a member of the Tiruppur West Rotary Club run a business dealing with plastic products. The family also donated the amount to several initiatives by the Rotary Club.

As we wish the couple, a happy married life, we can’t stop admiring them for their work!

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