Yoga is not just about stretching and moving your body, there’s a lot more to it. Learn everything about yoga from these must-follow Yogis and amp up your yoga game!

If you are an enthusiastic Yogi in the making and are excited to begin your yoga journey, then check out these must-follow Yogis on Instagram who bend it way more than Beckham and are essentially rubber people!

1. Radhika Bose

Radhika Bose is a Badminton player, Fitness, Travel, Lifestyle Blogger, and a TEDx Speaker. She is a literal powerhouse. Her feed is flooded with body workout videos and her yoga series on YouTube covers asanas for beginners, yoga for immunity, and a lot more. She is a complete fitness icon!

Check out here.

2. Shani Dayal 

Shani Dayal is a Yoga Teacher and conducts online sessions too. She posts 2,3 videos every week, and it’s a pure delight to see her do yoga so smoothly. Her relaxing voice and extremely calming background music make her videos a must-watch.

Check out here.

3. Kumar Saurav

Kumar Saurav is a post-graduate in Yoga and works in Sarva yoga Chennai. His videos will help you get your Yoga poses correctly. Also, do not forget to check his ‘ Yoga Dand ‘ series.

Check out here.

4. Namita Piparaiya

Along with Yoga, Namita Piparaiya is also making Ayurveda & Philosophy relevant to everyday life. Her feed is going to make you fit and fab with awesome yoga asanas!

Check out here.

5. Tania Bhattacharya

For her, yoga can be done anywhere. From improving your posture to performing asanas on the beach to Yoga formations with a saree, she is a pro when it comes to yoga!

Check out here.

6. Muskan Mittal

Muskan Mittal has yoga asanas for every problem. Be it about lung capacity, PCOD/PCOS, Belly fat, or anything else, She’s got an asana for everything.

Check out here.

7. Prashanth R 

This yogi will teach you everything related to yoga on his Instagram. He goes out and shoots, or does yoga in his room. He stretches and moves flawlessly, and who wouldn’t want to learn from this talented yogi?

Check out here.

8. Shobha Rana

Shobha Rana is a Holistic Wellness & Mindfulness Coach. She brings nothing but positivity in her yoga sessions. Founder of The Yogini Square, Shobha takes online yoga classes. If you want to learn yoga, you should definitely check her sessions.

Check out here.

9. Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh is another must-follow yogi on Instagram. You will mostly find her on a beach doing yoga like a boss. Watch her stretch and pose for the needed motivation! 

Check out here.

10. Khushali Joshi

This Yoga therapist will bless your day with her aesthetic and relaxing yoga asanas. She conducts online yoga classes and is another yogi you should follow. 

Check out here.

11. Ishwari Patil

This Psychotherapist and yoga instructor is one of the must-follow Yogis for many reasons. Her awesome yoga asanas, her workout sessions, vegan recipes, and her extremely cute doggo! Check her account for all things fun.

Check out here.

12. Suvarnrekha Choudhary

This Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practitioner posts nothing else but everything about yoga. You can watch her teach her students on her Instagram which is nothing but motivating!

Check out here.

13. Mayuri Salian

We love her for her colorful and warm IG feed. Her transformation videos will blow your mind, and her yoga videos will make you grab your yoga mat instantly. Don’t trust us? Then why not check her account?

Check out here

14. Yoga by Vishal

Vishal is here to make yoga lively and interactive with his fun teaching sessions. He takes online classes on zoom every now and then. His IG has many interesting and informative ‘How To’ videos and you definitely should check him out.

Check out here

15. Simran Karia

Simran is a Certified Yoga Trainer and is great at it. She also uploads fun doubt solving videos on issues like back pain, mensuration, and more. She is indeed one of the best must-follow Yogis on Instagram, and you should check some yoga tips here!

Check out here

16. Anahita Pangtey

Her IG is all about good vibes and energy-packed videos. Watching her do yoga in front of a cool graffiti, mandala wall, and some epic backgrounds! Her videos will make you want to learn nothing but yoga asanas.

Check out here.

17. Gunjan Kamra

Gunjan Kamra is one of our favourites when it comes to yoga, healthy food, and even poetry. Her videos are aesthetic, informative, and she even posts recipes. Her IG has exactly what we need for our yoga journey!

Check out here

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