As the second wave of coronavirus seems to have slowed down, we are trying to remember those auto drivers who converted their vehicles into ambulances and put their money and effort to help people in the distress.

While the second wave of the coronavirus turned out to be disastrous, it also brought out many heartwarming gestures by people who risked their lives to help those in need. Amongst them were some auto drivers who turned their vehicles into ambulances to help the people from their city. They did not start driving ambulances but converted their own auto into ambulances to help critical patients. Let’s appreciate them and their work which saved many lives.

1. Javed Khan, Bhopal


This 34-year-old autorickshaw driver from Madhya Pradesh turned his vehicle into a 24×7 ambulance. He transformed the auto into an ambulance by also equipping it with an oxygen cylinder, hand-sanitizer, PPE kit, and an oximeter. After realizing the plight of the patients, Javed sold his wife’s jewellery to convert the auto.

2. Ravi Agarwal, Ranchi


Ravi is only 22 years old and studies B.Com. However, in the second wave, he started driving an auto after his classes to take patients in emergencies. His services were free of cost and were also for those who were not COVID-positive.

3. Jitendra Shinde, Kolhapur


Jitendra Shinde is one of the auto drivers turned ambulance drivers who started ferrying patients to the hospital from the first lockdown. He spent almost Rs 1,50,000 to help people and provided free services. Jitendra always took care of the safety and wore PPE kits while taking passengers.

4. Raj Munna, Delhi


Raj Munna, who belongs from Bihar, made the most use of his auto-ambulance for taking COVID-19 patients to the hospitals and then back home. The 43-year-old used to give free services between 8 am to 7 pm daily. His auto also had an oxygen cylinder for emergencies.

5. Kumar Tandi, Odisha


This 55-year-old autorickshaw driver showed courage and determination for helping people out even when he was an HIV-positive patient. He took people to the hospitals, testing centers in Nuapada free of cost. Kumar used to get around 10 to 15 calls in a day where people asked him for help.

Salute to their zeal and service towards the society!

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