The Delhi-based NGO run by Keralites will be distributing 30,000 masks made by the sex workers of the Delhi red light area in Kerala.

The pandemic, which begun in 2020, has pushed many people out of their jobs and sex workers of GB Road, a red light area in Delhi, are also one of them. Due to the restrictions and social distancing norms, they had to let go of their work, which made their lives even worse. In such a situation, a Delhi-based NGO run by Keralites has decided to help them by distributing the masks made by them.


Distress Management Collective India (DMCI), the NGO run by the Keralites in Delhi has been buying masks from the sex workers. They are all set to distribute the masks amongst those who need them in Kerala.

The sex workers of the GB Road were rehabilitated by Kat-Katha, the NGO that has been working for the welfare of the sex workers for more than a decade. Since the NGO feared that the workers might return to their brothels post-lockdown, it made workers engage with alternative work opportunities.

The NGO started training the workers in mask making and further aims to train them with the work they like. However, the DMCI has taken on them to distribute the maks.

The first consignment of 30,000 masks is likely to reach Kerala in the coming few days. On the other hand, the DMCI is also active in providing education to the street children along with justice Kurian Joseph.

Source: The Times of India

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