Meet Varanasi Santoshi Raj who is providing free meals in the Andhra Pradesh district Vizianagaram to COVID-19 patients!

Jun 07, 2021 10:33 IST
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The resident of Vizianagaram, Varanasi Santoshi Raj is providing meals in the Andhra Pradesh district for the past 36 days.

Varanasi Santoshi Raj is another good samaritan feeding hundreds of poor people in Vizianagaram. The mother of three-year-old, Santoshi Raj, has been providing free meals in the Andhra Pradesh district for a long time now.


It had started with the Kalighat Colony resident serving free food to COVID-19 patients who were in the home isolation. The number of people who were, then, only 20, have now increased to 200 as the city is facing a rise in the COVID-19 cases.

With the help of her husband Kasiraju and family members, Santoshi Raj serves food packets to frontline workers, patients, and people living in the streets. One can easily reach her through the phone number 7095945306 and ask for help.

Santoshi Raj, who works in a private real estate company, used to donate blood for patients. While her visits to Maharaja and Gosha hospitals, she realized that there were many patients and their relatives who needed food. She started the free services immediately after that with 20 people.


While Santoshi Raj receives the orders for food through WhatsApp and Facebook, she also provides groceries to people. "From the past 36 days, our family members are working for providing people with meals, groceries and other things," Brahmaji, her brother says. He also says that they have provided food in Bengaluru city too.

Santoshi Raj has been receiving the support of her family in cooking and distributing food. "We work together for preparing the food. Our friends and known ones have helped us with some donations," Brahmaji says.

After receiving the donation, Santoshi Raj has left no chance in feeding animals too in the nearby areas for the past 10 days.

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