Meet Swati Yadav who's making illustrations of COVID-19 warriors during this pandemic!

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COVIDD-19 warriors

After getting recovered from COVID-19, Swati Yadav aka Spill The Black decided to appreciate the efforts of the unsung heroes who have been helping others during these tough times. She is making Illustrations of COVID-19 warriors and it's the sweetest thing you'll see on the internet today!

A while back when Swati and her mother were found positive with COVID-19, it was her grandmother who took care of both of them. Swati then realized that due to the havoc around them and fear on social media, people are forgetting to see the good around them. " We often fail to appreciate it. There are many COVID-19 warriors around us. This is when I thought of helping people express their gratitude. They can appreciate those who made them smile with simple gestures during these tough times. Thus, I am making illustrations of COVID-19 warriors.", said Swati.

Along with her grandmother, Swati also saw her friend helping others and that pushed her to do something for such people. " She donated the money as medical assistance during COVID-19 to her friend’s maid so that she can buy a bicycle. My roommate is still unaware of this page and the idea. I want to make it my last post and do it anonymously but I think she will figure it out.", she said.

Swati started with her COVID-19 series by illustrating her grandmother on May 12 and has illustrated 19 COVID warriors as of now. " The best part about doing this is the messages I receive, the joy it brings to people, and how excited they get when they see it. It is mostly a surprise to the person nominated and it is a very satisfying feeling. "

Swati who is now a full-time illustrator holds a degree in engineering. When the time came to leave the nest and pick a field, she took up a corporate job. Later she realized that she doesn't want to spend 9 hours of her day doing something that she doesn't enjoy and finally made the “BIG” switch. "Now I illustrate all day long. Sometimes exhausted, sometimes excited but I always end up going to bed happy.", she added.

COVID-19 warriors

For the last 3 weeks, Swati's Instagram feed is showcasing unsung heroes. There's a frontline worker who works day and night to ensure nobody at her hospital is unwell. There's a duo who have been sending food, and love around them. Another COVID hero supplies medicines and comfort food in remote areas where deliveries weren’t possible. A COVID warrior who's been helping a friend get oxygen supply, bed, and many more such inspiring people. 

If you also want to nominate someone who made you smile, helped you in some way, appreciate their efforts, and reach out to Swati Yadav to nominate and surprise them.

 " Just send in the name, how they cheered you up and a picture. No questions asked :)". Isn't she doing a great job illustrating these COVID-19 warriors? Scroll through her Instagram here and see how people have been helping others, and what an amazing artist is she!

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