Kota and Mumbai teachers come together to provide free education to the students who lost their parents to Coronavirus

In a heartwarming initiative, the teachers of coaching institutes of Kota and Mumbai decided to provide free education to the students studying from class 8 to class 12.

While the second wave of the Coronavirus turned out to be more deadly than the first one, it hit those families hard who lost their loved ones due to it. In such a situation, it is even hard to imagine the grief of the kids who lost their parents and are further likely to drop their studies due to financial difficulties. After one such incident took place in the family of a Kota-based teacher, Utkarsh Shinde, he decided to provide free education to the students who have lost their parents to COVID-19.

“My uncle and his wife passed away due to COVID in April leaving behind their 18-year-old son. I could, then, easily visualise the difficulties that he might face in his studies. Likewise, it hit the mind about many such kids who will not be able to focus on their studies after losing their parents,” Utkarsh said.

Utkarsh Shinde

The 28-year-old teacher has been in the profession for the past 8 years and runs a coaching center with the name, ‘U.S. Academy’ in Kota. After the incident, he and Sumit Sharma, a teacher in ‘Super 30’ Mumbai, decided to take on themselves to provide study materials and free coaching to Class 8 to 12 students.

“We are trying to obtain the data on such children who have lost their parents from the government sources. After compiling the list, we will start with the coaching,” Utkarsh said. He also told that they are going to connect with the local administration of both Kota and Mumbai to execute their plans.

Free education to the students, a long term commitment, says Utkarsh

Currently, Utkarsh Shinde and Dr. Gagandeep Khanuja from U.S. Academy, Kota, Sumit Sharma, Robin Mandal, Saurabh Santosh, Dr. Avanish Diwedi, Dinesh Mudaliar, Jitesh Mudaliar, Ankit Rathore and Dinesh Sangwan from Path Pradarshak Foundation, Mumbai, Rahul Arora and Abhishek Arora from Synergy Academy, Navi Mumbai, have joined hands to work for this initiative.

“Once we enrol the students, the online classes will start for them until the lockdown is lifted,” Utkarsh said however, he said, the offline classes will begin in Kota and Mumbai after the lockdown. “Students living in other cities than Kota and Mumbai will have the option to attend the online classes,” he added.

Sumit Sharma

A total of 12 teachers from the three institutes have planned to teach subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Social Studies, etc. Moreover, test series will also be made available for the students by the teachers.

“There are more teachers who have shown their desire to work with us,” Utkarsh said. He also told that a few parents of the students studying in their institute are also ready to teach students who are in need.

Contact the below numbers to enrol: Utkarsh Shinde – +91-7715939836
Sumit Sharma – +91-6375545506

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