Health officials from Maharashtra travel by boat for 4 hours to vaccinate a tribal village

After reaching the village, the health officials from Maharashtra vaccinated 11 people under a tree on the banks of the Narmada river.

The vaccination drive took a heartwarming turn on May 25 when the health officials from Maharashtra reached a tribal village after four hours of travelling in a boat to provide the vaccine.


Coming from Akkalkuwa, the team of 9 officials passed the mountainous terrain to reach Chimalkhedi situated in Nandurbar district. They gave the vaccine doses to 11 tribals under a tree on the banks of the Narmada river. 

Health officials from Maharashtra faced challenges

However, the process did not go all smooth as the village lacks proper connectivity. Team members had to struggle to register people on the CoWIN app and had to climb a hillock to get the network.

The health officials chose the tree to be the best place since there were only two government spaces that could not be used. The school building was hot from the inside and the local Anganwadi Kendra was under renovation.

Out of the 11 people who got the first dose of the vaccine, seven belonged to the village. However, four of them hailed from Manibelli and Sinduri villages. The officials could not give the vaccine to others despite their efforts.

An effort worth appreciating and a reality worth noticing!

Source: The Times of India

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