Other than this PAN India free teleconsultation, Dr. Sudanshu is also providing a bus with oxygen support for patients waiting for beds.

Last year, after seeing his family suffer from COVID-19, and then getting infected while taking care of them, Dr.Sudanshu made his mind. He feels, the earlier one starts the treatment, the earlier they get better. He had overlooked his own symptoms, and due to the late diagnosis, his oxygen levels had gone low, resulting in further side effects. Taking lessons from his experience, Dr. Sudhanshu decided to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. In the second wave of COVID-19, he started a PAN India teleconsultation service ‘Namaste Doctor’ to help those who weren’t getting treatment.


In the beginning, he approached 5 doctors and asked them to join his cause. Without giving a second thought they said yes, and volunteered for free. This number increased very soon and Dr. Sudhanshu had 28 doctors helping people with telephonic consultations. This team of COVID-warriors has been getting around 200 calls every day, and they have successfully provided medical assistance to around 1,400 people. It should be appreciated that these doctors are volunteering along with doing their COVID-19 duty. How brave and inspirational is that!


One of the primary targets of his initiative is to reduce hospitalization with the help of early detection and early medication. It is not only restricted to phone consultation, but Dr. Sudhanshu is also providing free medical kits consisting of medication, inhalers, nebulizers, pulse-oximeters to the needy patients in Jaipur. His team is also running a bus that has 5 oxygen concentrators.

” Our team has received calls from all over India & even abroad. I feel happy when I call patients for updates and they tell us that they’re now doing well. I’ve heard from families where every member was positive, and then knowing that the consultation was helpful is the best thing.”, says Ankit who’s volunteering with Namaste Doctor for the last month.

One can reach out to them on 98297 74968, and help them raise funds here.

Source: India Today

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