Vikrant Vig, a cancer warrior who is feeding other cancer patients and their families

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Vikrant Vig, a cancer warrior who is feeding other cancer patients and their families

After paying regular visits to the hospital for the treatment, Vikrant Vig, a cancer warrior, realized how his fellow patients and their attendants are managing it hard to get food. This is how he thought of doing something for them.

There are a lot of cancer survivors who come to the front to help others after getting recovered. However, this is the story of a cancer warrior who is still fighting with the disease and yet, is determined to feed as many as possible.



Earlier this year, Vikrant Vig had diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma, also called cancer of the lymphatic system. The 41-year-old Delhi resident had started paying visits to the Safdarjung hospital for Chemotherapy which is required to treat cancer patients.

While visiting the hospital, Vikrant used to take lunch packs for other cancer patients and their families who attended with him. It was the beginning of his charitable work. 


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Presently, Vikrant and his family work for their NGO - Apurva Charitable Organisation, which had been named after Vikrant's daughter. The NGO is involved in proving meals to the attendants in the hospital.

Cancer warrior to a messiah

Since Vikram used to take the lunch packets with him on every visit, one such visit had made him realise that he could not feed more people like that. He shared his thoughts with the family when his father suggested opening an NGO.

During this time, COVID-19 restrictions had started being imposed again in the city due to which the family could not take the idea ahead. However, after the demise of the father owing to cardiac arrest, Vikrant and his brother Abhishek started working on the NGO keeping in mind that it was their father's last wish.

The family, then, collected some donations from within the family and started the feeding programme. The NGO has six members working for the programme where Nitu Vig, Abhishek's wife, takes care of the preparation of the meal and Abhishek manages the finance and social media activities. 

Salute to the zeal!

Source: The Times of India

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