The ambulance driver from Mumbai expressed his problems in a video taken by a Class 12 student where he shared how lockdown has made his life worse.

Since the cases of Coronavirus were increasing day by day, the government of most of the cities in India had imposed lockdown. Similarly, Maharashtra had also put lockdown making shops, restaurants, and hotels shut for common people. The move, though taken to control the spread of the disease, did not prove to be much helpful for those who earn on the daily basis. Recently, an ambulance driver from Mumbai has been seen sharing his daily life problems due to the closure.

“Being an ambulance driver, I cannot go back home and eat food since I work 24×7. There is no hotel or restaurant available that let me eat at their places,” the ambulance driver was saying in a video.

The video has been shot by Palak Shah, an 18-year-old boy living in Mulund. “Due to my interest in pursuing Cinematography, I keep on talking to people and shoot videos. As I saw this driver near my house, I went there to talk to him. The driver told me to keep his name anonymous but shared his problems,” Palak said.


In the video shot by the teenager, the driver can be seen describing his actual situation. “You can get alcohol easily but not chai. I can not afford to go to a five-star hotel to have chai and the one that I can afford is not available on the roads. Chai is, at least, an essential thing that I can expect to get in return of working for long hours. It keeps people like us going but we are struggling to get that too,” the driver said.

He also requested the government to provide some concessions to the frontline workers on food. “If we sit at home, who will take the patients to the hospital. At the same time, how long can we continue working like this?” the driver asked.

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