Ranjeet Nath aka the Dog Man of Nagpur is feeding stray dogs for more than a decade!

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Ranjeet Nath aka the Dog Man of Nagpur is feeding stray dogs for more than a decade!

Ranjeet Nath has been feeding 150 to 170 stray dogs every day. These days, he is serving them non-veg Biryani, and this scene is worth watching!

Many NGOs and organizations are working for animal welfare. But, did you know there is a man in Nagpur who gives Biryani to street dogs? Well, Ranjeet Nath aka the Dog Man of Nagpur has taken his love for his four-legged friends to another level by making Biryani and feeding it to the street dogs!

Ranjeet Ji has been doing this kind of job for the last 11 years. In a video shared by Food and Travel blogger Abhinav Jeswani on Instagram, Ranjeet Ji can be seen serving Biryani to doggos! He, himself cooks the Biryani and starts preparing it from 5 in the morning. Ranjeet Ji calls them his "Bacha", and no one can deny that. The way these dogs wag their tail and start jumping while he serves them will melt your heart. " They have given me love more than human beings. You offer them a biscuit once and see it yourself. They will never forget you. Feed them for 3 days, and they will remember you for 3 years. I request everyone to not call them dogs, they are naive. They need our love.", he said.

He makes 35 Kgs of Biryani made with chicken, mutton, rice, turmeric, and mutton masala every single day. He started off by giving biscuits, but then started making Biryani for them. " I have even taken loans and kept our gold jewellery as a guarantee for this cause. Believe me, you will get money, don't hesitate and stop yourself. Help them, and feed them." he requested.

Ranjeet Ji starts at 5 PM and distributes Biryani on his bike until 12.30 AM. He starts from his home at Sambhaji chowk and covers areas until Gokulpeth Coffe Shop.

Ranjeet Nath


His video has got 1 Million views, and 14 K likes. The comment box is also flooded with positive comments. One of the users commented, " Humanity still has a hope .. seeing people like him .. yes ! Humanity is alive", while someone else wrote," TUM BOHOT MAST KAM KARTA HAII CHACHA🙌❤️". Ranjeet Nath initially used to give biscuits, but he is making Biryani for the last 2 years. When asked he said, " I would like people to remember my son Rahul Motwani. He has helped me a lot. Also, I am very grateful for all the people who have been donating and supporting me."

One can get in touch with them for donation here: 91 9960191693 or google pay him directly on 9372222024

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