After Tauktae, cyclone 'Yaas' to hit West Bengal and Odisha on Wednesday; Check out important measures and helpline numbers

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After Tauktae, cyclone 'Yaas' to hit West Bengal and Odisha on Wednesday; Check out important measures and helpline numbers

While IMD scientists have warned that Cyclone 'Yaas' can be as disastrous as 'AmphaN' that hit last year, you need to know the Dos and the Dont's beforehand. Read below the necessary measures.

Less than 10 days since the cyclone 'Tauktae' hit the South and Southwest parts of the country, cyclone 'Yaas' is ready to knock on the Northern-eastern parts now. 'Yaas' is expected to be formed over the Bay of Bengal on Monday and is likely to hit West Bengal and Odisha on May 26.



Due to the cyclone, the Indian Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rainfall in these states on May 26 and 27.

Here are some common measures that you need to read before the cyclone hits.

1. Repair loose doors or windows, and make sure you’re able to shut them properly.

2. Tie up loose things outside the house or move them indoors.

3. Keep battery-operated torches and dry cell handy.

4. Keep important documents sealed in plastic bags.

5. Check official information on Radio or Television.

6. Keep a first aid kit handy.

7. Charge Mobile Phones, Power Banks, and Laptops.

8. Keep an eye on the official Twitter handles for the latest updates of the cyclone.

9. Do not believe in rumours passed on via Whatsapp, or any other social media platform. Always confirm the news from verified sources.

10. If you’re living in a low-lying area with more chance of flooding, move to safe shelters on high grounds.

11. Stay away from the windows.

12. Keep some windows closed and some slightly open to maintain air pressure.

13. Keep extra non-perishable food and store drinking water in covered vessels. Keep old towels handy, to soak rainwater if it enters the house.

14. If the centre of the cyclone is passing directly over your house there will be a pause in the wind and rain would last for half an hour or so. During this time do not go out because immediately after that, very strong winds will blow from the opposite direction.

15. Keep non-emergency equipment and tools disconnected.

16. If you notice a spark from electrical equipment, disconnect it from the power supply and contact an electrician.

17. In case you need to evacuate, pack essentials for yourself and your family to last a few days. These should include medicines, special food for babies and children or elders.

18. When stepping out after a cyclone has passed, beware of any loose and dangling wires from lamp posts.

19. Don’t attempt to drive during the cyclone.


Helpline Numbers

In the case of emergency, you can contact on these given numbers.

Central Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities: 1070


State Disaster Management Authority: 0674-2395398/ 2395531

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation Disaster Management: 0674-2431253

Other helping numbers of Bhubaneswar: 1929, 1800 345 0061, 0674 2548295

West Bengal

Howrah Municipal Corporation: 033-2637-1735.

West Bengal electricity department: 8900793503 and 8900793504. The numbers will be reachable by the public from May 25.

Other helping numbers in West Bengal: 03322143024, 03322141310, 03322143230, 033 2214 3526

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