It’s now possible to self-test COVID-19 at home! Check how!

After the ICMR issued an advisory on home testing, one can self-test COVID-19 with the help of the CoviSelf kit. Here’s how you can use it.

It has now become easy for the symptomatic people to self-test COVID-19 at home after the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) issued an advisory on the same.


The advisory includes how, through a kit, CoviSelf, one can conduct rapid antigen test at home. The testing does not require any medical assistance and can be done easily.

For the CoviSelf test, adults above 18 years need to self-collect the nasal swab specimens. Adults can also collect the nasal swab sample of kids above 2 years.

According to ICMR, only people with symptoms should go for the option of home testing.

What’s there in the kit?

The kit will come with a manual describing “how to use”. Along with the nasal swab, prefilled extraction tube, and a test card that will come in the pouch, one needs to download the mylab app to fill in the credentials.

To self-test, one needs to take the nasal swab and insert it inside both nostrils without touching the swab head. It will also require rolling the swab five times inside each nostril.


After this, one needs to dip the swab in the tube and pinch the tube at the bottom. To ensure that the swab is fully immersed in the tube, one needs to swirl it 10 times.

One can break the swab from the breakpoint after that and needs to press the kit so that two drops can be added to the kit. The app will ring after 15 minutes to notify you that the result is available. It has been said that the result appearing after 20 minutes can be a false one.

ICMR also mentions that if the report comes negative, one can go for an RT-PCR test if symptoms are present.

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