The youth power: A look at the youth organisations/initiatives working for COVID-19 relief resources

The youth of the country is not letting its people down and helping in every possible way they can. These are some youth organisations/initiatives actively working during the second wave of Coronavirus.

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, if not anything else, ensured unity among citizens by bringing them together to help others in need. The youth of the country is actively utilizing the social media tools to spread awareness, deliver verified sources and help with relief resources in every possible manner. Here are some youth organisations/initiatives helping with COVID-19 relief resources.

1. CovRelief


CovRelief is a free mobile application that helps in the live tracking of vacant hospital beds. The app has been developed by three engineering graduates, Milan Roy, Swapnil Sharma, and Pranit Ganvir, passed out from IIT, Delhi (2019). CovRelief also provides data on the availability of oxygen and plasma.

Check CovRelief here.

2. Humanity First Foundation


Dr. Mohammed Sujathullah from Hyderabad had vowed to feed hungry people when he was studying Pharmacy in 2016. His thought had led to the formation of the foundation. Currently, his organization is providing food and oxygen (free of cost) to the people in need.

Check Humanity First Foundation here.

3. Covid19-twitter


Since most of the people were seeking verified sources of resources on Twitter, a software engineer, Umang Galaiya thought of creating Covid19-Twitter Bot to fetch results easier. One can use this tool to search for beds, medicines, oxygen, etc. in their city.

Check Covid19-twitter here.

4. Find a Bed


‘Find a Bed’ has been started to provide information regarding hospital beds across 446 cities. The initiative is taken by 20,000 students from 160 cities, who are also helping in building a quarantine center for those COVID-19 affected patients who do not require hospitalization.

Check Find a Bed here.

5. Udaipur Against Corona


‘Udaipur Against Corona’ is an initiative started by the youth of Udaipur. The group has started separate helpline numbers for oxygen, hospital beds, medicines, food, plasma banks, testing labs, vaccination, etc. The team has also curated the data on these resources which can be checked on their Instagram profile.

Check Udaipur Against Corona here.

6. FeedShare

FeedShare is a free food supply initiative run by 28-year-old Angad Chachra and his team in Gurgaon. They are providing meals to COVID-19 affected patients, their families, and those in need or who cannot cook at home. The services are operational in Sector 42, 43, 53, 54, 55, 56.

Contact: 9891022752; 8826838401; 7290941313; 9810118189

7. COVID-19 Resources


Covid-19 Resources website is an initiative by Faraz Iqbal, a second-year engineering student at Aligarh Muslim University. Initially, the website was made to direct people to resources in Delhi, though, it expanded to all over India in no time.

Check Covid-19 Resources here.

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