Here is a list of NGOs and organizations providing oxygen relief to the needy during the COVID-19 crisis!

    organizations providing oxygen relief

    The second wave of the deadly Coronavirus has hit us hard. Currently, there is a shortage of oxygen available for the treatment and has left many people strangled searching for the right resource. Help such people breathe by donating to these NGOs and organizations providing oxygen relief to patients in this COVID-19 crisis!

    These NGOs and organizations are providing oxygen relief during this COVID-19 crisis to thousands of people tirelessly. They are delivering oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 affected patients. Some of them are even supplying oxygen concentrators to hospitals, while some are helping individuals in need to raise funds for themselves. Have a look at their immense hard work!

    1. Hemkunt Foundation

    Along with 5 other on going projects, Hemkunt Foundation is very much active in providing oxygen relief to a lot of people. They have opened up an oxygen Centre in Gurgaon to help people in need. They are also distributing free unlimited oxygen to Covid patients while being in their cars itself, and giving oxygen concentrators to Gurdwaras and temples in various places like Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Dehradun and many other tier 3 cities in India.

    Donate here.

    2. Ketto 

    Ketto is an Indian online crowdfunding platform, where any individual/organization across can raise funds for causes. Their website has multiple oxygen fundraisers, and you can donate to anyone you want.

    Explore here.

    3. Khalsa Aid

    Khalsa Aid India is a humanitarian organization that provides support to victims of natural disasters and civil conflicts. Up until now, they have distributed 300+ concentrators to needy patients at their doorstep in Delhi NCR. They are aiming at providing 5000 concentrators in other cities as well.

    Donate here.

    4.  GiveIndia

    Under their COVID Relief program, Give India is actively raising funds to quickly put up Covid care centers in Delhi and other metros, fill gaps in oxygen supply in hospitals, and provide meals to communities who are struggling to make ends meet. They have been setting up oxygen generation plants in hospitals/COVID facility compounds in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Patna. They are working on a 5,000-litre capacity plant that can support 650 people per day. Give India is also providing oxygen cylinders that can help a person in need of oxygen support for 5-7 days. 

    Donate here.

    5. Milaap

    Milaap is another online crowdfunding platform. Their website has more than 20 oxygen fundraisers at this moment. From organizations to individuals in need, the list of these fundraisers is long, and if you wish to donate to oxygen relief, do check them once.

    Explore here.

    6. Mission Oxygen

    Right from providing oxygen concentrators, to supplementing hospital infrastructure with oxygenation plants and giving other life-saving equipments, Mission Oxygen has helped 100 plus hospitals up until the 1st of May and has delivered 52 oxygen concentrators as of 4th May. Help them reach more hospitals and donate.

    Donate here.

    7. Making The Difference

    Making the Difference is supporting underprivileged children, providing medical equipments, feeding daily wagers, giving oxygen cylinders to critical home quarantine patients. Until now they have distributed over 100+ beds to hospitals and there are more in the process of delivery. They are also helping organizations set up oxygen concentrator centers in Maharashtra, and providing free oxygen to Covid affected patients.

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