The applicants will have to submit copies of their Aadhar, Covid test report, and CT-Scan report (if any) while applying!

Ensuring a smooth availability of oxygen to patients in home isolation, the government will now be providing oxygen online. The Delhi patients who are in home isolation can now book oxygen online by registering themselves on the government portal

Delhi patients can book oxygen online

Along with the application, one will have to submit copies of their Aadhar, COVId-19 test report, and CT-Scan report. Once their application will be accepted, they will receive an e-pass.

Various district authorities have been made responsible for this process. All district magistrates have been asked to set aside enough officials to work on the applications. These officials will ensure that the eligible individuals receive their e-pass.

If the applicant is approved for the cylinder, they will be able to get their e-pass from the district magistrate. The district magistrate will inform them regarding the timing and the location. They will also inform the applicants about the depot or dealers where they would get their oxygen cylinders. However, it completely depends on the availability of the cylinders.

The government has also told the district magistrate to ensure that the depots and dealers are hassle-free for the patients or their relatives to avoid any further discomfort and trouble for them.

The capital is currently shaken with the second wave of COVID-19. Delhi has even reported almost 21,000 fresh COVID cases in the past 24 hours. It is indeed a crisis for the people. It is a relief to know that now Delhi patients in home isolation can book oxygen online.

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