The holy month of Ramzan is back, and if you are planning to fast, then try these healthy sehri recipes at home, and make your fasting easier, and packed with energy!

Ramzan is all about fasting, praying, and being spiritually activated. For those who fast this month, here is a list of healthy sehri recipes that are quick to make, and a plate or a glass of these recipes will give you the needed energy boost to pray, and rock your regular tasks!

1. Turri

A bowl of Turri made with nuts, dry dates, Makhana, milk, and other such power-packed food items is a must have in Sehri. Eat it with Paratha, or your regular roti, or just slurp it on after anything, it will help you fight the weakness fasting can cause.

2. Talbeena

Talbeena is another healthy option when it comes to what to eat in sehri. It is made with dates, milk, raisins, almonds, and Barley. This recipe can be really helpful for those who have low hemoglobin, and it keeps your body cool. You can replace sugar with jaggery, and it will become healthier.

3. Khus milkshake

A chilled glass of Khus milkshake can be very energetic and will keep your hydration level sorted. This recipe is again very rich in texture and has ingredients like almond, poppy seeds, Pista, and melon seeds. Make it at night, and serve it cool on your sehri table.

4. Date laddoos

Dates and Ramzan are kind of synonymous with each other. Muslims break their fast with dates, and it is extremely healthy. Make these dates and nuts laddoos for sehri, and maintain your sugar level. You can store these laddoos in your fridge, and eat them real quick if you are running short on time.

5. Egg Milkshake

This no smell egg shake is delicious. Feel free to add vanilla, or any such food flavour to enhance the taste. Also, it doesn’t even taste like eggs, so if you are someone who doesn’t eat eggs because of its smell, this recipe is going to be your favourite. Serve it hot, or serve it cool with a scoop of ice cream!

6. A quick egg paratha

This quick recipe is one of our favourites, and is a saviour when you are late for the suhoor. Make this quickly with either ghee or butter, and eat it warm with some ketchup, or maybe boiled eggs!

7. Chicken salad

This recipe is perfect for all those who are on diet, and of course for those who are fasting. A plate of this delicious and filling chicken salad will take care of your hunger pangs, and will give you the energy to survive the fast!

8. Haleem

Haleem is made with wheat or barley, meat, and lentils, and is perfect for a heart sehri meal. Serve it with salad, and get your protein needs sorted for the day with this traditional sehri dish! Oh, and it’s a delight for all those who love eating spicy in their sehri.

9. Khichda

Khichda is a variation of Haleem, and has meat, lentils, rice, and your wheat roti. It is another healthy, and filling dish that tastes heavenly when eaten hot with lime juice!

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